The Spooklord
The spooklord
Gender Ghostwolf
Hair Hood
Occupation Electro Sp00ker
Family Grandbro - Bro
First Appearance Christman special
Status Undead
Ethnicity Columbian
Get sp00ked
— The spooklord encountering Ghost

The Sp00klord is a one time character in CamTheWoot's award winning series: Lufer.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit



Spooked Ghostwolf into loving Christmas


  • The Spooklords theme is the same theme I would have used for my Fables spinoff series BUT THEN FUCKIN' BLOXXGAY AND JUANFAGGOT AND THIBOTESTICLE NAMED THEIR SERIES THE SAME THING AND I CAN'T DO IT FUCK YOU GUYS.

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