Smesh is a DRAMATIC :O drama story written by Juanny <3 . It follows a bunch of people who do stuff and try to make a musical on Broadway. Feast your eyes, children.


Seesun Jaun (xddd):Edit

  • Pilot
  • Callbaxx
  • Enter Mr. DiMaggio ('s dick)
  • The Cost of Anal
  • Let's be Mean
  • Chemistree
  • Da Werkshop
  • The Poop
  • Hell on Earth :0
  • Under (your mom) Study
  • The Movie  *STAR*
  • Publesety
  • Tech (lary)
  • Preevows
  • Bombshellturtleguy


  • Juan as Julia Houston (Jualia) (attention whore lol)
  • Cam as Derek Wills (mean british guy)
  • Katie as Karen Cartwright (idk)
  • Tommy as Tom (funnie gay guy)
  • Hippo as Ivy (dramatix dancer)
  • Ghost as Eileen (wise)
  • Caulk as Ellis (nice black guy)
  • Deb as Dev (srry)
  • Klee as Sam (dancing black guy)
  • Riley as Rebecca Duvall (movie STAR)
  • Jazz as Jerry (mean old man)
  • Piggy as Leo (teen)
  • Ghost as Nick (he flirts with eileen)
  • Naruto as Michael (flirts with me)
  • Lee as Randall (mean)


  • Musicals are gay
  • idk i'm really bored
  • why am i doing this
  • This show is canon to The Facts of Life