Rick Grimes had his hand around his son's erect penis when he heard a rustling in the nearby brush.

"Stay here carol" rick says talking out gun and walking towards brush

Shrek comes out

Rick shoots Shrek 

Shrek punches Daryl 

Michonne stabs Carl 

Carl cums as he dies 

Carl remembers the creepy walker sex games Tyreese had shown the kids at the Prison

Michonne is shot by Rick who screams 


Daryl punches Shrek

Shrek opens a portal to an alternate universe where Daryl must fight other Daryls to please the Daryl 

Daryl dies

Sasha and Tara fuck then die from gAIDS 

Abraham hits Rosita and Maggie shoots him 

Rosita tells Eugene that she's bit and kills herself 

Eugene 'examines' Rosita's corpse 

Eugene is impressed 

A scorpian comes from the vajajay and kills Euge 

Glenn kills Maggie 

Glenn goes forward through time 2 seasons and is killed by Negan 

Tyreese is has his anus eaten out by a zombie 

Zombie becomes Steve Hawking

Shrek pushes Steven Hawking in a lake 

Noah breaks his tendon and dies 

Carol joins Hawking 

Gabriel drowns Judith in holy water 

Gabriel dies from Gabriel 

Shrek flies into new universe with Rick between ASS

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