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Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 93 (20-Early 30s, physically)
Occupation Army medic (formerly)
First Appearance Issue One
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Series lifespan Issue One to present
Ethnicity White-Elf
Shlof is a character appearing in Moon. He is an expert in many forms of medical practices. 


Originally a very kind and open man, who stood beside his beliefs no matter what. But due to his time in prison, being beaten, starved, and tortured, Shlof has turned into a cold and calculating person who hopes to escape the harsh world he has been forced into.

Life in the War Edit

Shlof had been the medical expert in his brigade during the war. One day, in a large battle, a man on the other side who had hid in a forest where Shlof's group was camping out in, was severely injured and passed out. Shlof was told by commading officers to make it look like he died by himself, so the enemy didn't suspect them to be in the forest. Shlof refused and soon enough, the elf was locked away.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • None

Relationships Edit

Joshua MoonEdit

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Abigail ScordEdit

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Gordon MarleyEdit

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Volume One: The Robed OnesEdit

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