The following is a series of curious facts about Rot and Rise. Be careful, as these may contain spoilers.

Name originsEdit

  • Alice - I wanted to find a name that would suit a girl with so many edges and patterns around her. I thought Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, would fit her, as the story has a lot of dualities and strange happenings.
  • Delmont - I just tried to find a traditional name for Southern folks. Delmont seemed appropriate, and I thought no one else would have a character with the same name.
  • Russell - This one's actually based on the energetic scout from Up. I thought basing his name off a character like that would remind me that Russell is a very enthusiastic and optimistic.
  • Ethan - I actually based his name off Eden Hazard's. He's a soccer player known for having really cold midfield attacks, which usually end in explosive, game-changing kicks. This trait was clearly seen in the fight he had with Don in Issue 12.
  • Lucinda (upcoming character) - This one may sound ridiculous, but her name is based on a puppy my dog was hitting on a few years ago. Yes, I'm being serious. 


To be added.


To be added.

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