Episode 9 is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Rot. It was written by AdamTheMop and was published on January 2nd, 2014.

Season 1

Episode 9


Mitch and Jay started to climb up the opposite shelves.

“Ok, now what?” Jay said,

“Hold on” Mitch said, he noticed a few of the undead trying to climb up the shelves. He kicked them away and turned back to Jay,

“Mitch. What now?”

“We jump down”

They looked over the other side of the shelves and saw the undead staring back at them,

“Fuck. Ok. I have an idea. It’s crazy but it may just work” Mitch said,

“And that is?”

“We jump down and we make a run for it”

“Are you kidding?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

Jay and Mitch jumped down to be surrounded by zombies. They ran to the left while pushing away the undead. When they exited the aisle they were greeted by more undead than they expected,

“Shit” Jay said under his breath,

“RUN!” Mitch shouted,

Mitch ran ahead of Jay killing the undead around him. He noticed a red door to the left,

“Jay we” Mitch began to speak but when he looked back he couldn’t see Jay anywhere,

Mitch ran towards the door. The undead were still surrounding him. He finally got to the door. He opened it to see a stairway,

“The only way is up I guess” Mitch said under his breath as he began to climb the stairs.


“So what do you think?” Ross asked,

“It’s safe here. I just don’t trust the guards” Ashley replied,

“Why don’t you trust us?” said a voice, out of a room nearby Marcus approached the two,

“Not you. I kinda trust you. I mean….ah shit” Ashley replied,

“No no. I understand. You have been hear what? A day? A day and a half? You have only talked to the people in that room” Marcus pointed to the room that Tim and the others were inside, “You have only briefly spoken to Phillip and you possibly not have even talked to the guards”

“I get you. We have only spoken to them in there” Ross said,

“Marcus are you trying to make them stay? Begging them to?” another voice said. Regan approached the three,

“No. I was just saying”

“What you were saying was that you want them to stay. Don’t get me wrong. You’re nice people. But you said you were only going to stay for three or four days”

“I did say that. That’s why we are leaving tomorrow. Well I am and so is Ashley. I’m not sure about Dennis or Ivor” Ross said,

“Well I haven’t seen Dennis in a while” Regan said,

“What do you mean?” Ashley said,

“Well he went out with three others. Mitch, Carl and Jay I think. Not one has come back”

“I’m going to find them” Ross said, he began to walk but was stopped by Regan,

“They’ll be back. Hannah spotted them on the hill. So they will be back”

“Good. They better be” Ross said.


Mitch laid on the roof of the shop staring up to the clouds. Suddenly he heard banging on the door he came through. He saw Jay covered in blood. Mitch quickly got up and opened the door. Behind Jay were a lot of the undead,

“Where the fuck did you go?” Jay said panting,

“I went up here. Dumb shit”

“It’s not safe up here”

“What? Are they going to fall from the sky?” Mitch said smirking,

“No. What happens if the shop gets surrounded? Overrun?”

“Well what do we do now then?”

"We get off this damn roof” Jay said,

“Well…you don’t say” Mitch chuckled,


After a couple of hours passed Carl and Dennis entered the hotel,

“Ah! Welcome back! Wait where are the others?” Phillip asked,

“They’ll be back” Carl said,

“Ah right” Phillip said,

Carl patted Dennis on the shoulder and they went up to the first floor.

When they entered the first floor Carl walked over to his room and Dennis went over to his. Before his got there Ivor appeared from the second floor.

“Oh you’re back then” he said,

“Yeah, where are the others?”

“Still down here for all I know” Ivor said,

“Over here you three!” a voice called, Dennis turned around to see Ross and Ashley, the three walked over to them,

“Come and meet everyone you two” Ashley said as she guided them into the room.


Mitch and Jay were running away from the undead,

“I think we were safer on that roof Jay!” Mitch shouted,

“Shut up” Jay replied,

The two kept running until the hotel was in sight,

“Fucking finally”

“Come on Jay keep going”


Mitch and Jay finally arrived at the hotel out of breath Jay said, “Finally” and laughed,

“Mitch brushed his hand through his hair and the two began to walk but were stopped by Alex,

“Where you two been?”

“Out” Jay said as he walked passed him, Mitch shrugged his shoulders and followed him. Alex clenched his fist for a few seconds but just sat back in his chair.


“Anything?” Phillip asked,

“Just a few new ones” Hannah replied,

“What do you mean?”

“There is more coming from that hill” Hannah lowered her binoculars and looked at Phillip, “Are we safe?”

“We are” Phillip replied.

To Be Continued..


  • The name of this episode refers to the fact that everyone is safe. 
  • This is one of the only episodes where no-one dies.

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