Episode 8 is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Rot . It was written by AdamTheMop and published on December 29th, 2014.

Season 1

Episode 8

Still Human

The morning sunlight slowly crept into the hotel room. As Dennis woke up it nearly blinded him. He wiped the sleep off his eyes and sat up in his bed. He saw Ashley putting on her trousers and brushing her hair. Dennis climbed out of his bed to find his own clothes.

“Morning” Ashley said,

“Huh? Oh morning Ashley” Dennis replied sleepily,

Ashley smiled as she finished brushing her hair. Dennis stood up, now fully clothed, and styled his hair as he usually styled it.

“Are the others up?” asked Dennis,

“I don’t know. I only just woke up myself” Ashley replied

Ashley opened the door to see Ross, Ivor and two other people. One was a woman with short hair and the other was a black man who had a shaved head.

“Good morning you two” Ivor said cheerfully,

“Good morning” Ashley and Dennis replied,

“These your friends I guess?” asked the black man,

“Yeah, this is Dennis and Ashley. Oh and these two are Marcus and Hannah. They are guards here as well as Regan and Alex” said Ross,

“Yep. That’s us” said Hannah,

“Anyway I was going to check out the market place. Anyone want to join me?” asked Ivor,

“Well I’m ‘stationed’ there” said Hannah,

“I’ll come I guess” said Dennis,

“Ok, you three go. I guess me and Ashley will check out this floor. Marcus I guess you guard this floor then?” asked Ross,

“Yeah, I guard this floor”

“Nice. Anyway we better get going” said Dennis.


Hannah, Ivor and Dennis entered the second floor and saw three rooms that had been turned into stalls. Dennis and Ivor walked over to the first room where an elderly woman was sitting outside.

“Why hello there. I guess you two are new around hear” said the woman,

“Yes we are. We came here yesterday with two others. I’m Ivor and this is Dennis” said Ivor,

“I’m Maria. You could call me the person that feeds this lot with healthy food”

“So you’re a Gardener?” asked Dennis,

“Now I am. Not before all this happened” replied Maria,

“I used to be Gardener. I mean before the world ended” Ivor said,

“The world hasn’t ended. It has just become…worse” Maria said,

“You could say that” smiled Dennis,

“Can I see inside?” asked Ivor,

“Sure thing. Dennis do you want to come in as well?”

Dennis didn’t reply as he was distracted by something else. He saw three men arguing. One was standing away from them but was obviously talking to the other two. The other was bald and getting in the last man’s face. The last man had entirely green clothes on, even a cap to match. Dennis turned around to reply to Maria

“I’m gonna see what the ruckus is about. You go on ahead”

“Ok. I’d watch out for that bald man though. He is a handful”

Dennis nodded and walked over to the three men.

“That lad has gone through a lot” mumbled Maria,

“What was that?” asked Ivor,

“Nothing. You know what I miss? Plant food”


Dennis walked over to three to see that the bald man was bright red with anger. The man that was standing away from the two walked over to Dennis,

“Stand back kid. This could get dirty” he said,

“What’s going on here?” asked Dennis,

The bald man turned around and said, “This pipsqueak stole my pendant”

“I didn’t steal it. I just borrowed it” said the man in the green clothes,

“Just give it back Jay” said the man that was standing next to Dennis,

“Who is this kid anyway?” asked the bald man,

“Oh I’m Dennis. I arrived yesterday”

“Oh you see Kester die?” Jay asked,

“Yeah why?” Dennis asked,

“How did he die?” asked Jay,

“Jay leave it man. I’m Mitch and this bald cunt is my brother Carl”

“Shut the fuck up Mitch” Carl smirked; he turned back to Jay, “Where is it then?”

“On a run I went on I must have dropped it. I’ll get it back”

“Nah. I’m coming with you. I don’t want you sneaking off on me”

“I better come along as well” Mitch sighed,

“Can I come? I mean, I’m not busy” asked Dennis,

“Sure kid. Sure thing. You got a weapon?” asked Mitch,

“Yeah, this knife has done the job”

“If you need it fixed come to our shop: The Trevors Brother’s Weapons”

“Or if you need anything from me I run the shop full of scavenged stuff” said Jay

“No one cares Jay” Carl said, “I want that pendant back”

Carl and Mitch walked passed Dennis; Jay looked at him and said, “Why are you doing this?”

“As I said, I’m not busy”


Ross and Ashley walked over to one of the rooms. The door was slightly open and they could hear people talking inside. Ross knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer it. A few seconds passed and a little boy opened the door.

“Mum! Dad! It’s the new people!” he said,

Ross looked into the room and saw four other people. Two women and two men. One of the men had piercings and an oddly shaved beard. The other had bright blonde hair and glasses. One of the two women stood up out of an armchair. She had red-brown hair and looked older than the other.

“Hey, I’m June. The man over there with the piercings is my husband, Tim. This is our son, Drew”

Drew smiled at Ross and Ashley and ran over to the other woman.

“That girl over there is Lois and her boyfriend is Kyle” June pointed to the other man that was sitting with Tim,

“I’m Ross and this is Ashley. We came here with two others but they are going to check out the market at the moment”

“I’m sure we’ll meet them soon enough, anyway do you want to come and chat with us for a while?” June asked,

“Sure. We could do with a chat. Haven’t really had one in ages” Ashley said smiling,

June led Ross and Ashley to where everyone was sitting. Ashley sat with June while Ross sat by Tim.

“Lois this is Ashley. She came here with that man over there, Ross and some others” June said,

“Nice to meet you Ashley”

“Nice to meet you too Lois”

“So are you and Ross together?” June asked,

“As in a relationship? No. I’m only traveling with him and some others”

“Ah right. I guess I just assumed it. Sorry” Lois said,

“Don’t worry about it. You’re with Kyle right?”

“Yeah. Been together a couple of years now”

“How did you meet?” June asked,

“It’s nothing special. Trust me”

“Go on” Ashley said,

“Well…we met in school. We didn’t really like each other but when we met a couple of years ago I just found him so interesting. Like in school he was very shy and nerdy but now he’s confident. He looks good”

“Aww. Young love” June said sarcastically,

“Very funny. How did you and Tim meet?”

“Through school. But it was serious. We had Drew 9 years ago. What about you Ashley? Anyone special in your life?”

“Nope. No-one. I guess my options are limited now”

“They sure are honey. They sure are” June said.


Ross sat in the red armchair next to Tim.

“Hey stranger. Who might you be? One of the new guys eh?” Tim said,

“Yeah. I’m Ross and that is Ashley. I guess you two are Tim and Kyle?”

“Yep, that’s us. So how long have you been traveling?” Kyle asked,

“Not long. Few days. Yourselves?”

“Not long. We didn’t need to. We were here when shit hit the fan” Tim said,

“Well Lois and I were on the road for a while. We came here with a few others but they left” Kyle said,

“Who else is with you then? The old man and the younger lad?” Tim asked,

“Yeah. Dennis and Ivor. There were two others but…you could say they left as well”

“Sorry to hear that man, Sorry to hear that” Tim said sympathetically,

“Hey Tim. I have to ask you something. Why is your beard fucked up?” Kyle asked,

“When shit went down I was shaving. Had to stop mid-way through to save my kid” Tim said as he looked at Drew who playing with a toy car, “Drew and June are the only people I have left. Probably the same with you and Lois”

“Yeah. I’d die for her” Kyle said looking at Lois.


Ivor and Maria where sitting outside Maria’s room.

“This is nice. Just talking. I haven’t done this in a long time” Maria said smiling,

“Neither have I. Before all of this happened. Were you married?”

“No. I wasn’t. I was never married. Or in a major relationship. I had boyfriend when I was younger but nothing serious”

“That’s the same with me. Never had a serious girlfriend. Or a wife”

“I don’t see why not. You’re a nice man Ivor. Not too hard on the eyes either”

“Thank you and you’re the same. Nice and friendly and good looking as well”

They both looked at each other and shared a long laugh together.


“Is this the right place Jay? You better not be fuckin’ with me” Carl said angrily,

“Yeah. This is the place. I think” Jay said,

They all readied their weapons and opened the shop’s doors.

“Everyone stay close. We don’t wanna- oh come on Carl” Mitch said,

Carl had already started to kill the walkers around him. The rest followed him through the shop.

“Ok. I lost it somewhere around here” Jay said, he dropped to the ground and brushed the floor with his hands trying to find the pendant,

“You got it yet? These things aint givin’ us slack today” Carl said,

Dennis dropped the ground as well,

“What the fuck are you doing?” Carl asked,

“Two people trying to find it is better. What does it look like?”

“It’s gold” Carl said,

“That helps” Mitch chuckled,

The brothers were fending off the undead until too many came.

“I FOUND IT!” Dennis shouted in disbelief,

“Let’s get out of here then” Mitch said,

“That’s easier said than done” Jay said as he pointed to both ends of the aisle. The walkers were closing in on them,

“FUCK THIS!” Carl shouted. He pushed over the shelves that we either side of them. They fell onto the others but stopped and made a slope,

“Mitch. Take Jay. Dennis. You’re coming with me” Carl said as he grabbed Dennis and climbed onto the shelves,

Dennis and Mitch climbed over the shelves and jumped down into the next aisle. They ran through the shop until they found some doors.

Dennis pointed to two doors. It was the fire exit. Carl and Dennis sprinted to the doors, killing zombies whenever one got in their way. They ran through the doors and exited the shop,

“You’re pretty good kid. Now. My pendant?”

“Oh sorry” Dennis said as he handed him the pendant,

“Cheers. Now we should get back to the hotel. I at least want some grub inside me”

“What about the others?”

“They’ll come around. Mitch is a hard lad. That Jay aint so bad”

The two walked down the empty road. Dennis looked back to see if he could see Jay or Mitch. Only the dead were there.

To Be Continued..


  • First appearance of Maria
  • First appearence of Mitch Trevors
  • First appearence of Carl Trevors
  • First appearence of Jay
  • First appearence of Marcus
  • First appearence of Hannah
  • First appearence of Kyle
  • First appearence of Tim
  • First appearence of Lois
  • First appearence of June
  • First appearence of Drew
  • The title of this episode refers to that the people living in the hotel are doing very human things as in talking about their lives and not killing each other.

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