Episode 7 is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Rot . It was written by AdamTheMop and was published on December 21st, 2014.

Season 1

Episode 7

Hard Labour

“We’ve been driving for days Ross, maybe we should stop?” Ivor asked,

“We will soon Ivor; this car is nearly out of juice”

“Where are we anyway?” Dennis asked,

“I don’t know it doesn’t look familiar Dennis” replied Ivor.


After another ten minutes of driving the rusted car finally splutter out its last breath and kicked the bucket.

“Good game old girl, good game” Ross said under his breath,

“Well, this is just fucking perfect Ross!”

“Ashley, we will just find some fuel and we’ll get back on the road. Don’t worry” Ross said calmly

“Yeah don’t worry Ashley, we’ll” Dennis began to say but was cut off

“I don’t fucking care Dennis, don’t fucking talk to me”

“Ashley just calm down, anyway it’s getting late, we better find a place to bunk for the night”

The group exited the car; they stretched themselves out and felt the relief of not sitting down.

“You guys got your weapons?”

They all replied with “Yes” so Ross nodded and began to stroll towards an abandoned building,

“What do you think this was?” asked Dennis,

“I think…yes…it’s a hotel see?” Ivor pointed up to a sign that said ‘The Weathers Hotel’.

Ross walked over to the building and looked inside.

“Holy shit” Ross whispered, “There’s a fucking guy in there”

Inside behind the front desk there was a man sitting there. He had black hair and was dressed in a suit, Ross noticed him nod his head.

“The fuck? Who is that?” asked Ashley,

“It’s none of your business mate” said an unfamiliar voice,

The group looked over to where the voice was coming from, an overweight man was standing there with a crowbar, and he was wearing a brown jacket and had short hair,

“Alex don’t kill em’. He only said to disarm them and bring them in” said another voice,

Behind the man that the group identified as Alex, a man with blond hair and big ears appeared.

“Fuck Regan, I don’t trust these guys” Alex relied,

“Alex, shut up” Regan said sternly as he walked over to the group,

“Who are you?” Dennis asked,

“Shut it kid, give us your weapons or leave” Regan replied,

“Don’t talk to him like that young man”

“Oh sorry old man, did I touch a nerve? Listen just give us your weapons and you can enter”

“Ivor, Dennis do as he says” Ross said as he placed his knife onto the ground,

“Are you fucking serious Ross?” Ashley asked, frustrated,

“Yes, I am Ashley. Now, do as they say”

The three dropped their weapons and kicked them over towards Regan and Alex,

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Alex said sarcastically,

“Alex, just shut up, alright you guys can go in” Regan said as he helped Alex pick up the weapons.


The group entered the hotel through the door and approached the man inside,

“Ah! Hello! I’m sorry about all of the commotion outside, it has to be done” said the man,

“It’s fine, we totally understand. Who are you anyway?” asked Ross,

“Oh yes, sorry. I’m Phillip. I run our little group here; I’m guessing you are the leader of yours?”

“You could say that. Anyway I’m Ross and this is Ivor, Ashley and Dennis.” replied Ross,

“Heh, anyway looks like you’ve already met Alex and Regan. They are only two of my guards. The others are on the other floors”

“What is this place anyway?” asked Dennis,

“It’s a little civilization. If that what you call it. See we have this floor and two others. One is for people to live and the other is a market place”

“What about the other floors?” asked Dennis,

“Well…they are kind of overrun with the undead at the moment. But we are working on clearing them”

“Phillip, I have a little proposal for you” said Ross,

“What is it?” replied Phillip,

“We’ll clear the next floor for you for some fuel”

“Sure, but why don’t you stay a while? It’s safe here. Even if it is for a couple of days”

“I’ll speak with my group, one sec”

Ross turned away from Phillip to his group.

“We should stay here. Not for a long time but maybe 3-4 days” Dennis said,

“Yes, we should. It looks safe” said Ivor,

“But there are walkers one every floor, it’s too dangerous” said Ashley,

“Ashley, it’s only 3-4 days” Ivor reassured,

“Fine” huffed Ashley,

Ross nodded and turned back to Phillip.

“We’ll stay but not for long ok?”

“That’s fine, alright Regan can you take them up to the third floor please?” asked Phillip,

“Sure thing, alright let’s move. Wait. Should I tell Kester to help them?!

“Sure. I don’t see why not”

Regan nodded and walked ahead of the group. He guided them through the hotel to the third floor.


The group arrived at the third floor to be greeted by a ginger haired man.

“Hey Regan who are the new guys?” the man said,

“Oh this is Ross, Dennis, Ivor and Ashley. They will be helping you clear the floor”

Kester smirked as he approached Ivor. “Old man, are you really cut out for this?”

“I may be old but I’m fit as a fiddle”


“Figure of speech”


Ivor rolled his eyes and looked at Ross. Ross sighed and signalled for everyone to ready their weapons.

“LETS FUCKING DO THIS!” Kester shouted at the top of his lungs as he kicked open the doors.

“Kester wait up dude!” Dennis shouted but Kester was already taking down walkers one by one.  The rest of the group entered and followed him killing the undead that were around them.

“Good luck” Regan said as he shut the doors.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kester opened up another door and sliced the undead’s heads in half with his machete. Ashley and Ross were in one room killing the undead inside. Ivor and Dennis were in another doing the same.

“Kester wait!” Ashley shouted,

Kester couldn’t hear her as he was screaming at the top of his lungs while laughing like a hyena. He opened another door but when he did we was knocked down by four undead. His laughing suddenly stopped but his screaming intensified as pieces of his skin were being torn apart. Dennis exited the room and tried to help him but he couldn’t get through. The rest of the group tried to help him but when they finally got rid of all of the undead Kester was motionless with his intestines hanging out.

“Oh shit” Ashley said,

The doors opened and Regan appeared.

“Ah I see you did it. Where’s Kest?”

Regan’s eyes drifted to Kester’s dead body. “Oh my god”


The group exited the hallway and were greeted by Phillip.

“Oh god. Regan bury him. No one needs to see him”

Regan nodded and walked down the stairs. Phillip looked Ross and put his hand out. Ross nodded and shook his hand.

“Thank you. I won’t trouble you to clear it out. I’ll get someone else to do that”

“Cheers. I’m sorry about Kester” Ross said sympathetically,

“He was a good man. Bit crazy and stupid but he was a good man. Anyway I’ll show you to where you’ll be staying”

The group followed Phillip to the second floor where they saw it was inhabited by a handful of people.

“You guys will be staying here”

Phillip pointed to two rooms and said “Ok Ross. Pick who will go with you”

Ross looked at the group and had an idea. “Ok, Ivor you come with me”

“WHAT” Ashley shouted distastefully,

“Ashley. Don’t argue with me. I know what I’m doing”

Ashley nodded and looked at Dennis who was looking at her with a slight smile.

“Ok. I’ll see you guys in the morning” Phillip said as he walked back to his room,

Ivor and Ashley entered their rooms while Dennis and Ross stayed outside.

“Why did you put her with me? She hates me”


“Exactly what?”

“You’ll see. Anyway I’m gonna get some sleep” Ross said as he entered his room,

Dennis entered his room and closed the door. He saw that Ashley was sitting on the edge of her bed crying.

“Are you ok?”



“Oh” Ashley started to say something was cut off,


“I’m sorry Dennis I didn’t know”

Dennis calmed down and said “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted at you”

“I think this is why Ross put us together. To sort this out” Ashley said as she stood up and walked over to Dennis. Dennis looked at her and was shocked when she hugged him.

“You did the right thing. I’m sorry”

 To Be Continued..


  • First appearence of Phillip
  • First and last appearence of Kester
  • First appearecne of Alex
  • First appearence of Regan
  • The title of this episode refer to that the group have to work to stay at the hotel

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