Episode 6 is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Rot . It was written by AdamTheMop and was published on December 13th, 2014.

Season 1

Episode 6

I'm Sorry

“Home sweet home” Grant sighed under his breath as he open the rusty gate, “I’ll need to get Jared to fix this gate soon.

Grant unlocked the door to his house and was greeted by his good friend and father figure, Jared.

“Oh I see you’re finally home, long day today?” Jared asked,

“Yeah, how did you guess?”

“I can always tell, you sweat like a pig mate, you really need to learn how to drive and not run to and from work”

“I guess you’re right, I’m twenty eight and still don’t know how to drive, anyway how is she?”

“Molly? She is a little under the weather today, probably just a bug or something”

“Probably, anyway I need to talk to Trent, put the kettle on would ya?”

“Sure thing” Jared said as he walked into the kitchen.


Grant walked up to Trent’s door and all he could hear was the muffled sound of music.

“Good afternoon Trent”

“WHAT?” Trent shouted over his music,

Grant made the signal to turn it off and take off his headphones.

“OH RIGHT” Trent replied to his signal by taking them off,

“What you listening to?”

“Oh just ‘Walk This Way by Aerosmith’ and why are you home so late?”

“Some crazy guy tried to grab a woman and I had to give a witness statement to the police”

“Fucking pigs” Trent said as he made and ‘Oink’ sound,

They both laughed for a few minutes until Trent broke the silence,

“Wait, did you say he tried to grab her? “

“Yeah, why?”

“Well on the news there have been reports of people going crazy and attacking people”

“Nah, that’s crazy”

There was a knock on the door and Jared appeared,

“Tea’s ready Grant, I made one for you as well Trent”

“Cheers Jared” Trent said as he exited the room.


Grant picked up his ‘World’s Best Bro’ mug off of the kitchen counter and went to sit in the front room,

“Afternoon mum”

“Afternoon Grant, How was work?” Molly asked

“Good mum, it was good”

“That’s good”

The old and frail woman looked at Grant with a smile. Jared patted her on the shoulder and looked at Grant a worried look.


“So that’s what happened?” Jared asked,

“Yeah, crazy guy attacked a woman” replied Grant,

“Jesus so wh-“Jared was cut off by the sound of a large crash and Trent’s shouting,


Jared ran to where Trent was standing and saw the boy’s mother unconscious on the floor,


“S-She just collapsed man, fuck me”

Grant entered the room and saw his mother lying there,


Jared lent over Molly and started to shake her and shout “MOLLY, CAN YOU HEAR ME?”

Molly said nothing,

“OH FUCK, TRENT CALL 999” Grant ordered Trent,

Trent ran over to the phone, after several rings there was nothing,

“Grant there isn’t anything man!”

“Fuck me...let me try”

Grant pushed Trent aside, after the same amount of rings again, there was nothing

“OH SHIT!” Jared shouted,

Grant and Trent ran into the front room to see Molly devouring Jared,

“JARED!” Grant shouted as he pulled Molly off of Jared, he looked into her eyes; they were whiter than usual,


Grant acknowledged this and pushed her away,

“Trent grab me a knife!”

“Here man” Trent said giving Grant the knife,

Grant stuck it in his ‘dead’ mother’s head,

“Shit dude…”

“We need to get out of here Trent, go get your things”

Grant and Trent walked through the living room, Trent was at the top of the stairs when Grant turned around to see the dead Jared get up, he sprinted up the stairs and not looking back.

Trent entered his room and gathered some clothes and his iPhone.

“You ready?” Grant asked,


“Ok let’s- OH SHIT!” Grant looked as he saw Jared climbing up the last few stairs,

“Grant open the window!”

“I have never got it to open ever,”


Jared entered the room as soon as Grant got to the window. With all of his strength he couldn’t open it.

“Fuck ma- FUCK MAN!”

Grant witnessed Trent being served as lunch for his best friend,

“Trent…Jared….” Grant said as he looked at the two, “I can’t kill you guys…fuck”

Grant ran into the window and it shattered into a million pieces. He fell to the ground just outside the house and ran straight into the gate, breaking it.

“Yo dude! You ok?” shouted an unfamiliar voice,

Grant looked in the direction of two men, one was black and quite muscular and the other was old and frail, they were both sitting in a rusted car.

“I’m…shit man”

“Get in kid” said the older man,

Grant obeyed him and entered the car,

“Names Ross, Ross Hart and this is Ivor Pike, you are?”

“Grant, just Grant”

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Grant entered the house he used to live in. When he entered it he was greeted by an undead Jared.

“I’m sorry Jared” Grant said as he plunged a knife into his head,

Grant walked upstairs to find Trent, his organs had been ripped out of his chest but he was still moving,

“I’m sorry Trent, I couldn't protect you” Grant wiped away his tears as he did the same to Trent as he did to Jared.

“I’m sorry.”

To Be Contuned..


  • First and Last appearance of Trent
  • First and Last appearance of Molly
  • First and Last appearance of Jared
  • The title of this episode refers to Grant saying: "I'm sorry"

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