Episode 4 is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Rot, It was written by AdamTheMop and was published on November 30th, 2014.

Season 1

Episode 4


“Den, you ready?”

“Yeah Ross, I am. Who else is coming anyway?”

“Apparently Nadia”

“Really? I thought she was scared of going on runs”

“Well. You never know, she might be a natural”

“You never know. Anyway, I’ll go and fetch her”

Dennis walked over to Nadia’s tent, Ashley was standing outside.

“She’s in there”

“Alright, cheers.”

Dennis unzipped the tent and peeked his head through.

“Nadia, are you ready?”

“Yeah, Yeah I am.”

Nadia held a knife in her hands.

“You’re holding it wrong, here let me show you.”

Dennis showed Nadia how to the small knife and how to stab something with it.

“T-Thank you”

“Don’t worry about it, anyway Ross is ready, we better get moving”

Nadia and Dennis exited the tent; Nadia went over to Ashley and hugged her.

Dennis walked over to Ross, “She’s ready”

“Good, we move. Now”


Dennis and Ross opened the deactivated automatic door of the deserted shop.

“That was easy” Ross said under his breath, “Alright be ready”

Dennis readied his weapon. It was a small knife.

“Hey Ross, where did you get this from?”

“I found off of a dead guy, thought it would come in handy”

Dennis looked at the hockey stick and shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright, I’ll take one side, you guys take the other” Ross said in an ordering tone,

“Sure thing, ok Nadia, let’s go”

Dennis and Nadia moved in the right side of the store. Dennis looked at the empty shelves; the only things left were either stale fruit or the odd clothing item.

After a while of searching Dennis found a back room,

“Hey Nadia, check this out”

“What’s in there?”

“I don’t know, we should chec-“

Dennis was cut off by a loud crashing sound,

“JESUS CRIST!” Ross shouted,

Dennis ran over to were Ross was, a shelf had collapsed onto several walkers,

“Run dude!”

Dennis turns to his left noticing several more walkers coming their way,

“Quick! To the back room!”

Dennis, Nadia and Ross ran to where the room was,

“It’s locked!” Nadia screamed,

“Get out of the way!” Ross shouted as he bust down the door, “Get in!”

Nadia screamed and fell to the ground, walkers surrounded her.

“Shit! Nadia!” Ross shouted,

Ross fought through the crowd and grabbed Nadia,

“Dennis lock the door!” Ross screamed as he pushed Nadia through.

Dennis pushed a table by the door; he didn’t see where Ross was.

“Are you ok Nadia?”


“Good, Ok, is there a way out of here?”

Dennis looked around and found nothing in the dark room.

“Do we wait for Ross then?” Nadia asked.

“Hopefully he’ll be back”

After an hour of waiting Dennis noticed Nadia was a bit paler than before,

“Are you ok?” Dennis asked,

Nadia pulled back her sleeve, she had been bitten,

“It happened when I was surrounded”

“Shit, what do we do?”

“Dennis, do you want to know why I came out here?”


“I felt like everyone looked down on me, as if I had to be cared for, all I wanted was respect but look where that got me”

“We didn’t look down on you, Ross was worried about you, and he wanted you to come out here to learn how to defend yourself”


“Ok, what do we do?”

“I don't want to be one of them, the bite…it turns you into one of them”

“I know”

“Please, do it, for me”

“Ok, close your eyes”

Nadia closed her eyes as Dennis picked up her knife; he stabbed in the head, just the way he showed her.

To Be Continued..

Trivia Edit

  • Last appearance of Nadia
  • The title of this episode refers to that Nadia just wanted feel respected by the others in the group

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