Episode 10 is the tenth and final episode of Season 1 of Rot. It was written by AdamTheMop and was published on Janurary 11th, 2015.

Season 1

Episode 10

Pest Control

Alex slowly opened his eyes. He looked around to see no one else around him. It was dark but he could hear a very quiet noise behind him. He ignored it and stood up out of his chair.

“Fuck. Where’s Regan?” Alex said to himself checking his watch, “It was his shift like three hours ago”

Alex wiped his eyes and turned around. The noise had become clearer and was a very distinct knocking, when he saw what was outside he nearly fainted. All he could see were zombies. Zombies everywhere. They were knocking on the windows and the doors,

“Shit. SHIT” Alex said, he grabbed his knife out of his pocket and readied it. His hands were shaking so much. Sweat dripped down his forehead,

Wait, what the fuck am I doing? I need to warn the others” Alex thought,

He was about to turn around to warn the others but a few of the undead broke in,

“Oh fuck”

Alex grabbed one of them and stabbed it in the head; its body fell to the ground. Another came at him, it was dealt with the same way but Alex lost grip of his knife and its body fell back into the crowd that were nearly inside.


Alex ran towards the stairs to the first floor, he didn’t look back, he just ran.


“EVERYONE GET UP! GET UP RIGHT NOW!” Alex shouted as he slammed on every door. He was about to slam on the last door but Regan opened it,

“What the fuck?” Regan asked,

“Fucking zombies, fucking everywhere” Alex said panting,

“What? Really? You’re not fucking with me?”

“DO I LOOK LIKE I’M FUCKING WITH YOU” Alex said grabbing Regan’s collar,

Most of the other residents had exited their rooms,

“Alex, what is happening?” Phillip asked,

“Fucking zombies, down there”

“How many?” Tim asked,

“I don’t know, twenty? Thirty?”

“Jesus” said Kyle,


Dennis exited his room with Ashley. He saw Ross and Ivor standing with Marcus,

“Ross what’s going on?” Ashley asked,

“Apparently the bottom floor has been taken over by walkers” Ross said,

“What do we do?” Dennis asked,

“I don’t know man. I don’t know”


Alex was talking to Phillip when he saw the zombies arrive at the first floor,

“Shit. I forgot to close the door!”

Alex tried to push past everyone when he saw a door open, Maria walked out and she was greeted by a walker biting into her neck.

“FUCK!” Alex said,

“Everyone! Try to fight them off!” Phillip shouted,

Carl, Mitch and Tim ran over to the crowd of zombies and started to hold them off. Ross and Kyle joined them.

“Everyone else get upstairs!” Marcus shouted,

Marcus helped everyone get upstairs safely, he looked back to the group that were still there,

“Good luck” Marcus said under his breath,

The group began to walk backwards, they were being overwhelmed,

“Kyle. Get back to Lois, make sure she’s safe” Mitch said,

“I can’t leave you guys down here” Kyle said,

“GO GODDAMMIT” Carl shouted,

Kyle nodded and ran upstairs,

“Anyone else you want to get rid of?” Ross said,

“Mitch you go. I want at least one of us alive after this” Carl said,

The group were over half of the way to the door,

“This is hopeless, Carl come with me. Same with you two”

Carl and Mitch ran off while Tim and Ross were still fighting off the undead, Tim looked at Ross and said, “If I don’t get out of this, keep June and Drew safe, you’re a good man Ross. Same with the other three”

“You will get out of this” Ross said,

They were pushed back to the stairs; Ross lost his grip on his knife and said “Fuck. Let’s get out of here man”

“You’re right” Tim said,

They began to climb the stairs but Tim tripped, the crowd of the undead collapsed onto him, he screamed at the top of his lungs. Ross looked at him and he felt tears brewing. He could only make out three words:


“Ross nodded and entered the second floor.


As Ross entered the second floor he was greeted by June saying “Where is he? WHERE IS HE?”

Ross turned around to her, she began to cry, she fell into his arms and Ross held her.

“Where’s Maria? Where is she?” asked Ivor,

Alex looked at him and shook his head,

“Oh my. Oh” Ivor’s voice began to shake; he sat down on the floor and held his head in his hands,

Dennis sat down beside him and so did Alex,

“Ok. Everyone. Listen up. We can take this back. We can make it our home again” said Phillip,

“It is possible” said Jay, “If most of us went down there then we could do it”

“I understand if any of you want to leave. You may think it’s not safe. We have lost two good people. WE WONT LOSE ANYMORE” Phillip said boldly,

“June and Drew should stay behind with me. So should Ivor” Marcus said,

“Ok. I know why. Is there are anyone else who wants to stay behind?” asked Phillip,

“Lois, Lois is going to stay” Kyle said,

“No I’m not. I’m going with you” Lois said,

“I need you to be safe; I don’t want to lose you”

“I don’t want to lose you either”

They shared a long and passionate kiss.

“Ok get ready, we start in a few minutes” Phillip said.


“Mum, where’s Dad?” Drew asked,

“He’s…he’s” June stuttered,

“Is he dead?”

“Yes” June said bursting into tears,

“June can I talk to you for a minute?” Ross asked,

June nodded and stood up,

“Before Tim died he said to keep you two safe. After we survive this do you wanna come with?”

“That’d be good, yes. Thank you” June hugged Ross and sat back down,

Marcus walked over to the three and said, “June, Drew I’m taking you up to the third floor. It’s safe up there”

Drew and June stood up and followed Marcus, Drew stopped and ran back to Ross, and he hugged him and said “Please don’t die. Please”

“I won’t. Don’t worry” Ross said patting his head.


Phillip walked in front of the remaining people; he stopped walking and said “Everyone. We can do this. We will survive. Now who’s with me?”

Everyone else nodded and readied their weapons,

“Den you ready for this?” Ross asked,

“Yeah. I hope so”

“You’re pretty good with that knife. We’ll survive”

Dennis nodded and smiled, Ross looked ahead to see Carl and Mitch kicking open the doors, pushing back the undead, everyone pushed forwards through the doors and fought through the undead. Knives, baseball bats and the odd crowbar were the dealers of death for tonight.  

Mitch kicked a walker down and stabbed in the head, Carl pushed forward with Jay and Regan. Phillip and Dennis were at the sides of the group, fighting the undead that got close.


“I should be down there. I should be helping them” Lois said,

“Kyle wanted you safe. Now please, calm down. He’ll be fine” Marcus said, reassuring her,

Lois walked away and sat down next to June. Ivor stood up and walked over to Marcus,

“You ok?” Marcus asked,


“I understand what you’re going through. Losing someone you care for”

“She made me happy in this world. Someone I could talk to. Relate to even”

Marcus nodded and walked into a room. He sat on the bed and began to cry.

“I couldn’t save them. I couldn’t save my family. My own family” said Marcus,


The group had finished eradicating the undead from the building. Phillip stood outside watching a pile of zombies burning, he turned around to see Ross, Carl, Jay and Ivor carry two bodies. Phillip noticed June and began to walk over to her.

“June, I’m sorry about Tim”

“Thank you” June said,

“If you want to leave, I totally understand it”

“We are leaving. Alex fuelled Ross’ car and we are going with him”

“Ok, that’s fine. It was nice knowing you”

June didn’t say anything but instead hugged Phillip.


Everyone stood over three graves behind the hotel. Kester, Tim and Maria. Phillip stood in front of the group.

“As I said before. If you want to leave. If you don’t think this is safe. Then go. I don’t mind. Ross is going in a few minutes with his group. If you want to leave I’m sure he’ll be welcome to other people”

Marcus was about to say something but Regan stopped him and shook his head,

“I’m leaving” Jay said, “Not with you Ross, I cause this shit. I stole Carl’s pendant and it led to this. It’s my fault. I’ll leave”

“You can stay Jay” Phillip said,

“No. I can’t. I need to do this. For myself at least”

Phillip nodded and the crowd dispersed,

Ross and his group entered his car and started the engine. Jay began to walk off down the road and didn’t look back. Phillip waved Ross off and entered his hotel again.

“Thank you” June said,

“Don’t worry about it. The more the merrier” Ross said,

“Hey Ivor you ok?” Dennis asked,

“Yeah, I am. Thank you” Ivor said,

The group drove off down the road leaving the hotel behind.


Grant slowly opened his eyes. He couldn’t see anything. He tried to move but his hands were tied to the chair.

“Where the fuck?” Grant asked himself,

Suddenly a door opened, two silhouettes entered the room.

“Let me get the lights boss” said one; it was obviously a man with his deep voice,

The deep-voiced man turned on the lights and Grant was blinded for a few seconds, when he regained sight he saw the man that turned on the lights was bald and had slight stubble and a moustache,

“Thank you Jacob” said the other man, Jacob nodded and walked out of the room,

The other man walked towards Grant. This man had an eye-patch on his left eye and a scar by it as well. He also had jet black hair and strong stubble,

“Hello there. What is your name?”

“Why the fuck should I tell you?” said Grant,

“If you don’t, I’ll kill you, last person that didn’t tell me their name I slit their throat”

“It’s Grant”

“Grant. I haven’t met a Grant before”

“Your name is?”

“You’re probably wondering why you’re here. You are here because I saved your life. You nearly killed two of my men. But only one was strong enough to fight you off. I need you. Only the strong survive. You are strong. You survive”

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to join my little group”

“If I don’t?”


Grant nodded and laughed, “Thought you say that”

“So? Your answer?”

“Fine. I wanna live a little bit longer. But what is your name?”

“My name? My name is Cain. And we are gonna have some fun."



  • First appearance of Cain
  • First appearance of Jacob
  • Last appearance of Maria
  • Last appearance of Tim
  • The title of this episode referes to the group controlling the 'pests' aka the zombies

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