Status Unknown
Age Early 30s
Gender Male
First Seen Hard Labour
Last Seen N/A
Relations N/A
Ethnicity English
Occupation Unknown (Pre-Apocalypse)

Alex, shut up

- Regan telling Alex to shut up

Regan is a minor character in Rot. He first appears in Season 1 Episode 7. He is a guard that works for Phillip in his hotel.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Regan is very scruffy. He has longish blonde hair and blonde stubble. He also has a gold chain around his neck.

Personality Edit

Regan is a very neutral person. He is very indecisive and he swings between loyalties. When he does make a decision it is normally the morally right one, even if it wont effect the present.

Pre Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Regan before the apocalypse.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous Zombies
  • Kester (Possibly) - After Kester is killed by walkers Regan possibly put him down

Trivia Edit

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