Raoul ATR Better
Status Alive
Age Late 30's
Gender Male
First Seen Issue One
Last Seen N/A
Relations Melanie - Lover
Ethnicity White - English
Occupation Theatre Director

"Oh, bloody hell... dear, I know you're not much more than a dumb blonde, and you have less wit than a tomato, but I simply can't resist all that..."
—Raoul to Melanie

Raoul is a main character in At the Royce. As a theatre director, he does his best to lead his peers, even if it damages his reputation. Although he does his best to manipulate everyone in the creative team, Raoul will usually get his way with a few tricks up his sleeve.


Not much is known about Raoul's life before the apocalypse, except that he worked as a theatre director.


To be added. 



"Maureen, it's nothing! Leave me alone, okay? I need my rest!"
—Raoul to Maureen

Though Maureen is shown to have romantic feelings for Raoul during the first issues, he promptly ignores her and tries to stay away.

Melanie:  Edit

"Yes, of course you can please me... just... don't ever try to act smart"
—Raoul to Melanie after she tries to make a conversation

Raoul and Melanie are shown to have a deep romantic relationship, though it is deducted that they try to hide it from the rest of the community, fearing they would be judged. 



  • Raoul's name was based off Raoul de Chagny, the viscount in Phantom of the Opera.
    • ​His appearance was based off Derek Wills, the harsh director from Smash. 
  • Raoul is the first British character in At the Royce.

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