Gender Flab
Hair fag
Age 2 young for Becca
Family Becca - Ex-Fuckbuddy :(
Grandbro - Bro
First Appearance Episode Too
Last Appearance Episode Loftboy
Status Dead
Ethnicity Conservative
on a side note the song is the story of my life.

R.I.P the best ship on the wikia and sadly ended :(

going to regret commenting this aren't I?

— yes

NickPenis is some guy in CamTheWoot's award winning series: Lufer. He used to be a playa but now he hangs with the cool kids like me and naruto

Appearance and Personality

You know that crappy unded empire FYM's? He kinda looks like one of them. Idk he made a fym of himself once and it was really bland. He probably has a blue background or some shit irl idk fuck you let me live my own life WHY DON'Y YOU LOVE ME I ONLY WANT TO BE LOVED!


He oinked with Becca and then bloxx and I were like "hes 14 *15 calm down fag" and she was like "o" and now he doesn't oink with her anymore sorry bro. Side note, Pig got a girl before me, I should be sad but I aint. Nice work nigga, GET IN SON

Killed Victims

his own sex life (suicide)

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