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There was a city called; Ideliela Salas, located above the Davis Strait, a strait between America, and Greenland. The land stood 400 meters above the surface of the sea, people called it a city of prosperity. but the people knew so little about it, dark secrets lurked behind it. A large company was built in the city, called; the Electricon. owned by the Michaels Fosserbill family. the last heir of the family owned was a guy named; Victor Michaels Fosserbill. Who swore to make the world into a better place by using the power he got from his family company, a high-tech company. One day, he asked his colleague; Elizabeth Caitlyn Manmorhoff, to make something that no other company in the world has made before. Caitlyn had this idea about making a set of potions, which would serve her purpose of being a scientist, she wanted to be known because of intelligence. As planned, each of the five potions would have a different set of reaction towards the surrounding.

The potions were made four years later. unbeknownst to the others, Victor is planned to use the potions' powers to change the world, by killing the bad men, and replace it with the men who Victor sees as the good men. After learning the truth, Caitlyn must make a choice. To let Victor, or destroy the potions in order to save the world.







  • This is taken from my upcoming novel, yet to be released. It was originally in Bahasa Indonesia. The version you read in this site was translated, and has to be noted that i am not so fluent on speaking in English, some grammatical errors may be found. and i apologize for that. Thank you for understanding.

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