Peter Daniels Mitchell





Status Alive
Age 25 years (Season 1)
Gender Male
First Seen The Beginning
Last Seen N/A
Relations Angela Williams - Girlfriend
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Office Clerk (Pre-Apocalypse)

"You're wrong, Duncan. You're 100%, totally wrong. Get the fuck out of my head, because I'll prove you fucking wrong."
—Pete talking to an hallucination of Duncan Green inside his head.[src]

Peter Daniels Mitchell, better known as Pete is the main protagonist of A New Life. A kindhearted and caring man who finds himself in the middle of the apocalypse, Pete is willing to take any risk to protect his girlfriend and his most close friends.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Pete is fit, but not built man. He haves short and curly brown hair, light brown eyes and conserves a stubble, a failed attempt to grow a full beard, as stated by himself.

Personality Edit

Pete is kindhearted and friendly, caring very much about his friends, even putting himself in danger to help them. When forced to face the apocalypse, Pete showed to be scared about his and other people's deaths, mainly his family and girlfriend. As he lives in the apocalypse, Pete eventually surpasses his fear and becomes more mature and confidant.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Before the outbreak began, Pete worked as an office clerk in a advertising agency, but never liked his job. He wanted to quit his job, but lacked courage to do so. He was also in a relationship with a girl named Angela, and they both shared strong feelings towards each other.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Pete has killed:

Relationships Edit

Angela Williams

Peter and Angela are in a relationship. They love each other deeply and are often expressing concern about each other. At the start of the outbreak, Angela's safety was Peter's only concern.

Kurt Harrison

Peter and Kurt quickly developed a strong friendship after the latter saved his life. They would often be seen together, discussing things like the group's safety. Peter was enraged by Kurt's death by the hands of Jasper.

Nate Harrison

While not seen interacting much, it can be assumed Peter cares about Nate's safety as much as Kurt did.

Barry Stevens

At first, conflict was created between Peter and Barry, as Barry didn't seem to trust a stranger. Later, however, after the group found the overrun Military outpost and Peter comforted the group with an inspirational speech, Barry grew some respect for the man. Peter was, alongside Kurt, one of the few people Barry would listen to. Peter was strongly shaken by Barry's execution, and swore revenge at Jasper at all costs.

Leon Carter

Leon and Peter first met when he, alongside Kurt, saved his life in Atlanta. The two seem to have a good friendship, often poking jokes at each other. Peter appears to see past Leon's "tough guy" act, as seen when he first suggested Leon was fond of Jessie, which later turned out to be true.


Peter and Sarah appear to have a good friendship. Sarah was one of the few people that was always nice and friendly towards him, and they quickly bonded. When Sarah got depressed after Anthony's death, Peter showed extreme concern about her life.


Although not seen interacting much, it is safe to assume that Peter and Anthony had a good friendship. Peter tried, in vain, to stop Anthony from killing himself and swore to him after burying his body that he would prove that his death was not in vain.

Craig Tucker

Peter and Craig appeared to have a good friendship at first. However, after Peter learned about Craig's abuse over his family and after the unsuccessful rape attempt to Sarah, everything between the two was lost and disgust for the man was raised. Peter spit on Craig's corpse, calling him a "piece of shit".


The two had little time to get to know each other, but they seemed to be on good terms. Peter showed concern over Jim when he seemingly lost his mind after losing his restaurant, and was visibly enraged when Jasper killed him.


Peter and Tyrone were originally on bad terms, seeing how Tyrone has problems trusting people. However, after some time, the two have grown at least a mild friendship. Peter, as the leader, seems to constantly ignore Tyrone's claims that he shouldn't be so trusty.


Peter sees Matthew as "weird", but they are friends nonetheless. While not seen interacting much, Peter has shown concern over Matthew's well-beings, proven when he risked his life to get Matthew asthma medicine.


Peter and Jessie are not seen interacting much, but it can be assumed they are at least in good terms with each other. Jessie respects Peter's leadership and Peter is grateful for Jessie's work as the group's medic.


Peter and Jasper hate each other with a never-ending passion. Although Jasper has shown interest in Peter's hardened behavior, Peter refused to ally himself with him and betray his friends, resulting in the loss of his right eye. Peter also shows anger and hate towards Jasper for the deaths of Barry, Kurt, Jim and countless others.

Duncan Green

Peter and Duncan often antagonized each other. Their conflicting natures would often cause conflict, with Peter hating the bandits for killing his friends and Duncan enjoying causing pain on Peter. Duncan was the one who took out Peter's eye, to which Peter later retaliates by killing him with a shot to the same eye.

Dennis Green

While not being seen interacting with Dennis not as near much as with Duncan, it can be assumed Peter also disliked Dennis as much as he disliked his brother. When Dennis pleaded for his life, Peter hesitated before killing him, resulting in Leon doing it instead.

Stephanie Villa

At first, Peter was reluctant in accepting Stephanie's help in escaping the bandits, but agreed with it. He seems to respect the girl as a valuable member of his group, but Stephanie still feels he doesn't trust her, and is often trying to "prove herself".


While not seeing interacting much, it can be assumed that Peter was grateful of Francis giving his own life in order to help the group to escape.

Keith Howard

While doubtful of Keith's helpful persona at first, it appears that Peter has grown trust and possibly a quick friendship with the man after they took him in. He mentions to Tyrone that after one week with the group, Keith has been "nothing but a needed help".

Trivia Edit

  • Pete's theme is Wandering Star, by Kid Beyond.
  • Pete is so far, the only character that has appeared in every episode of the series, even if briefly. This is mainly due to his role as the main protagonist.
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