"Mr. Peabody, there's a girl who's bothering me at school" said Sherman, softly marching over to the kitchen, where Peabody made dinner. He raised his head from the pot he was stirring and smiled at Sherman. 

-"I'd be very glad to help you, Sherman" he said, jumping down from his stool. "What did she do?"

-"Well, she started proving she knew a lot about history" said Sherman, rubbing his hair. "I tried to tell her I had been to the places she mentioned, but she said I was crazy and ignored me"

-"We will have to demonstrate, then! To the WABAC machine, Sherman!" exclaimed Mr. Peabody as he ran off into the hallway. He stopped at a steel door with a golden knob and gray circles surrounding it. He twisted the knob and made his way inside. Sherman followed him, the bright flares of the room behind the door blinding him.

-"Where are we going today, Mr. Peabody?" asked Sherman, jumping onto a red chair and smiling. 

-"Don't ask where," said Mr. Peabody, pulling a lever below his feet. "Ask when"

The WABAC jumped and screeched, launching itself away from the room. It lifted off and blew the clouds away, creating its own field of energy. In a second, the WABAC fell into a stone floor, opening a huge crack below it.

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