by bloxxasoro.

morgon 15 yrsEdit

"dady i drew some picture" dwayne say

morgon put down the till he was using in the fields as he cums in the door

"thats nice dewon" morgm say

morgo goes to the kitchen and drinks some fry cheken  n eat sum kool aids 

"mmm the drink of my people" morgon say

suddenly, the black mans evolution kicks in

he becomes who every bllack person becomes

something primal 

something powerful

something nigger 

something unstoppable 

morgo turns to fas his sun in the livin room drawin 

"duane go to your room and take off ur cloths like it bath time" morgon say

"is et beth time ded" dickwayn say

"no no its not but just wait for me like it is" morgon say

"ok" dwen say as he does so

morgon smile as he take off his belt and goes after his son

morgon goez in dweenz room and liez his son gently on his bently, the sun reflecting coming through the windows shining on the yung boiz ass

morgon takes a deep breath and drops his pants

"time for me to truly become black" morgon says, thrusting into his son

"ah dadee mah bott it hurts" Dween say

"shhhh dont say anything" morgono say, thrusting again, tearing the youg boys anus 

then rick grimes is walkin down the street and he sees the rayp throo da window and he arrests morgan and repairs his assho

"im sorry" morgo say

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