Apocalypse 2(2)

Nation In Ruins


Nation In Ruins is an Action/Drama story by Afterlife34


After a crumbling marrige and divorce, Father, Dsniel Evans will do anything to keep his son, Liam, who wanders out at night, rebelling against the school, and causing trouble in the neigborhood. Daniel, who works at the California Hopsital Medical Center who starts seeing victims of the "Infected" virus. Then the infection spreads, causing society to crumble, now Daniel will protect his son, and other survivors to find a safe-haven in this apocalyptic world.


Story starts July 5. 2015, the day before the outbreak which occured on July 6, 2015


Volume 1Edit

Issue 1 -

Issue 2 -

Issue 3 -

Issue 4 -

Issue 5 -

Issue 6 -


Click here for a full lst of characters from the Nation In Ruins Story


To Be Added

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