Nate Harrison




Status Dead
Age 10 years (Season 1)
11 years (Season 2)
Gender Male
First Seen Together We Survive
Last Seen Struggle
Death Devoured by zombies (Alive) Stabbed in the head multiple times by Angela (Zombified)
Relations Nicholas Harrison - Father (Deceased)
Laura Harrison - Mother (Deceased)
Jerry Harrison - Uncle (Deceased)
Kurt Harrison - Brother
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

"Heh, I used to think my dad was a dick. I hated him sometimes, couldn't understand him. But now that he's gone... That they're all gone... I regret being mean to them so much... I miss my dad so much... And my mom too, my brother... My uncle Jerry..."
—Nate to Keith about his dead family.[src]

Nate Harrison is a main character of A New Life. He is the younger brother of Kurt. The loss of his family hardened him, making him less childish and more adult like. However, this doesn’t mean that Nate is safe from doing child mistakes.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Nate is taller than the average boys of his age. He has straight black hair, that ends up in his shoulders and light brown eyes, just like his brother. Nate can be frequently, if not ever, seen wearing a white baseball cap, which leads some people to jokingly call the Harrisons "Cap Brothers".

Personality Edit

Nate carries a lot of emotional baggage. After witnessing three members of his family dying, including his father and mother, Nate became less childish and more mature and quiet, speaking rarely with anyone but Kurt. However, it is to be noted that Nate is still a child, and can still commit childish mistakes.

Death Edit

Killed by:

  • Zombies

While leading a small part of the herd that was banging on the infirmary doors away from Jessie and Leon, Nate gets overconfident and fails to see a tree root on the ground. He trips and sprains his ankle, rendering him unable to escape from the group of zombies he was leading moments before, and ends up devoured by them as a result.

His zombified form is later found by Angela, who breaks down in tears as she repeatedly stabs him in the head.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Nate has killed:

  • Thug #3
  • Numerous counts of zombies

Relationships Edit

Kurt Harrison

Kurt is the only family Nate has left and, as such, he means the world to him. Nate looks up to Kurt and is always fearing that his brother would get hurt. Nate was completely broken when Kurt died, not wanting to leave the side of his brother's corpse. He also thinks that the only reason people still keep him around after Kurt's death is because his brother was liked by them, unlike he.

Nicholas Harrison

Nate and Nicholas appear to have had a basic father-son relationship. He wasn't as near as rude towards his father as his brother, but later revealed that he always thought his father was a "dick". He also mentions he regrets being so mean to him.

Laura Harrison

Nate and Laura appear to have a good mother-son relationship.

Jerry Harrison

While not seen interacting, it can be assumed Nate liked his uncle, but not as much as Kurt.

Peter Daniels Mitchell

Nate and Peter appears to have at least a mild friendship. Peter would often worry himself about Nate's well-beings, like his brother. Nate, in the other hand, often tries to show Peter he isn't just a kid, and is always trying to prove himself and help out.

Angela Williams

Nate and Angela appear to like each other. They both got locked up together in the bandit's base, where Nate for the first time admitted to be scared to anyone, and she comforted him. After that, the girl appears to have taken a liking for the boy. She worries about his safety and still sees him as a little boy, to which he's always trying to prove otherwise.

Barry Stevens

It's likely that Nate and Barry rarely, if ever, talked to each other, due to Barry's harsh persona. Nate does respect and somewhat looks up to Barry, though.

Leon Carter

Nate and Leon are friends. They bonded together when Leon found Nate crying at the Restaurant, and shared his past experiences with his criminal life and his problems with his father, that are actually similar to Nate's. Nate called him a "good friend" and they fist-bumped.


Nate and Sarah are likely friends, seeing how she would often look out for Nate when Kurt was away, along with her boyfriend.


Nate and Anthony are likely friends, seeing how he would often look out for Nate when Kurt was away, along with his girlfriend.


Jim was originally friendly towards Nate and the rest of the group, but after the loss of his restaurant, he became harsh and rude, angering Kurt. He even went as far as trying to convince Kurt to leave Nate for the dead, and then abandon both Nate and Matthew after Kurt's death, in order to assure his own safety.


Nate and Tyrone weren't seen interacting but it's safe to assume that Tyrone cares for Nate the same way he would care for any other child.


Matthew is often referred to as Nate's best friend, due to his immature personality. They are often seen together, talking and joking around. Matthew was the one to convince Nate to let go of Kurt when he died, and Nate was one of the first to volunteer to go on the trip to Atlanta to get Matthew his medicine. Nate shows concern when Matthew is shot on the arm.


Nate and Jessie weren't seen interacting but it's safe to assume that Jessie cares for Nate the same way she would care for any other child.


Nate is terrified of Jasper and his men, because of the beating he gave Matthew and Kurt, the execution of Barry and the threat to beat him up when his brother tried to escape. Nate is one of the two people who shot at Jasper when he came back, handicapping him and allowing Peter to kill him, avenging Kurt.

Stephanie Villa

Nate and Steph appear to be good friends, as he can be often seen around her. Steph objected to Jasper's plan of beating up Nate, showing that she couldn't bring herself to watch that happen.

Keith Howard

Similar to Leon, Nate and Keith are apparently good friends. When Nate is discovered crying over a photo of his family, and admits regretting treating them bad, Keith reveals to him that he didn't meet his father and doesn't know where the rest of his family is. Nate wishes they are okay and they start a friendship.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Nate has killed:

Trivia Edit

  • Nate's Theme is Kids With Guns by Gorillaz, cover by Jan Hajšen.
  • With Nate's death, all the members of the Harrison family are dead.
  • At the age of 11, Nate is both the youngest character to kill someone and to die in the story.
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