Ms. Burbank
Status Unknown
Age Early 70's
Gender Female
Occupation English teacher

Alice, why don't you read? I'm getting tired. 

Ms. Burbank is a minor character in Rot and RiseShe is known for being very strict and severe; sometimes getting a bit naggy around her students. During class, she constantly annoys Alice, thinking she must be challenged. When the principal calls all students outside, her students rush outside and push her. Alice grabs her books and gives her a final dirty look before leaving.


Burbank is reading Hamlet with her students before they get called outside. When she sees Alice sleeping, she tells her to continue reading. Alice doesn't know where to start, so the teacher makes a sarcastic comment and tells Bebe Collins to keep reading. When the principal calls them outside, the students rush through the door and push her, to her disgust. 

Killed VictimsEdit



Volume One: A Whole New World:

  • Issue 1


  • Ms. Burbank was the first character Juan thought of to be in the story.

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