Monica Worthington
Monica Worthington
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 36
Occupation Serial Killer
Family Husband
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Monica Worthington is a recurring antagonist in Batman: Days of Suffering.

Hailing from Britain, Monica was the only daughter of wealthy politician. She eventually moved to Gotham with her husband to be, an even richer banker, whom she worked alongside. They married shortly after and she had two children by him. They lived in happiness for over ten years, surrounded by love and wealth. Until one night, a group of burglars attempted to break into their mansion, in the process they alerted her husband who was working in his office. When they found him standing, they beat him to death and decided to leave no possible witnesses. Her son and daughter shared the same fate as her husband.

When she realized what was going on she took her husbands gun and found the criminals in her sons room, with his body on the floor. She killed all three of them and fled the scene. Until her reappearance a few years later she was assumed to be dead.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Monica is intelligent and calculating, if not unstable. Since her families death she's dealt with a pathological need to punish those whom she feels deserve it. She has no remorse or care for her crimes, and she will kill any innocent who stands between her and her target. In her heart she is immature and scared. When things don't go her way she will throw tantrums and break things in fits of rage.

Her temper is easily triggered and almost constant, although it doesn't overshadow her somewhat kind hearted nature, especially towards children; being the only people she refuses to harm. Despite her different methods she actually respects Batman, seeing him as a force for good, but she would kill him without a second thought if he got in her way.

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