This is Episode 1 of Mob City a series created by Afterlife34 entitled: There's No Place Like Home Part 1

This is a preview

There's No Place Like Home Part 1Edit

August 17, 1943....

Two 18 year olds stood around the famous Watchman's Jewlery Store, waiting for everyone to leave. The two teenagers made sure Mr.Watchman was gone.

"Come on Leo" said the short, chubby teenager.

"You sure about this?" Leo asked. Leo an average height male who had dropped out of school recently.

"Sure as ever" the chubby teen responded. The chubby teen took out a paper clip and started to fold it out, he then proceeded to picklock the door. Leo looked around for the guardman, no sign, good. The teens ran inside the store and started to grab any jewlery that was going to make money. The teen the dropped a stand which hit the large window that shattered it.

"Fuckin' Joe!"

"Dude I'm sorry!" Joe shouted. Whisteles were heard outside. Joe cruntched some shards making more noise. Leo looked around.

"The back door go!" Joe without hesitation ran through the back door leaving Leo in the room gathering all the jewles. The police man, tall, grumpy looking man entered.

"Hey you!stop!" the man shouted. Leo dropped everything and started to run through the backdoor into the dark, damp alley. The policeman followed. Leo kept running, his heart beat fast. He then climbed the chain-linked fence and fell on the other side. Leo got back up and started to run at the end of the alley hoping the policeman wouldn't shoot him.

"Hey Leo Up Here!!" Joe shouted from the roofs. Leo started to climb the ladder but was grabbed by the policeman. Joe took the moment and took off, leaving his best friend behind. Leo came face to face with the man.

"What do you think you're doing!?" The man gets Leo up and arrests him


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