Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson (ROTD)
Status Dead
Age 19
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen Issue 10
Death Shot in the head by Heather Irons
Relations Jack Nelson - Brother
Sam Nelson - Sister

Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Unknown

"I'm Not leaving you brother,I'm sorry about everything,it's not easy being you and...I respect you"
—Mike to Jack after Sam died[src]

Mike Nelson Is a main character in Rise Of The Danger

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Nothing is known about Mike's life before the apocalypse


Killed byEdit

Heather IronsEdit

After Eliot Creed died and Heather shot Owen she decided to kill the entire group of the Takers,when Mike pulled his Pistol and shot her in the shoulder she quickly killed him by a shot to the head


Jack NelsonEdit

"Where's my brother?"
—Jack to Heather after she went outside of the High School[src]

Mike and Jack had a basic Brothers relationship,when Heather told Jack she killed Mike Jack axed her to death untill Chandler Gunn Stopped him

Doug NelsonEdit

Doug and Mike had a basic Father - Son relationship,when Doug heard about Mike's death he was sad

Heather IronsEdit

"Those motherfuc-"
—Mike about Heather and Eliot when the locked Mike and Luke outside the supermarket to have sex[src]

Mike hated Heather not so long after he met her,he believed that she and Eliot left them for dead and got Luke killed,When Heather tried to kill all of the community Mike didn't think twice before shooting her,even tho he missed and shot her in the shoulder

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