Mert Kaya
Age ??
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Death N/A
Ethnicity Turkish
Occupation Southern Haven Police Investigator

Mert Kaya is a survivor in The Safe Haven universe living in Greymoor (Southern Haven). He is the lead investigator of the Willow murder case and, as an act of good will is begrudgingly forced to work with NSF Agent Terrence Wyatt.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Mert has taken a humanoid appearance, thanks to several rounds of human modification.

Mert is heavily anti-federal and believes in each region policing itself. He can sometimes be racist and inconsiderate of others' feelings. In regards to the law, Mert and his men prefer to handle things by knockout, leading to their reputations as extremely heavy-handed peace keepers in Southern Haven Prefecture.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Due to multiple rounds of cybernetic modifications, Mert possesses superhuman physical strength. In addition to his sheer power, he has gained the use of a Dark Matter Reactor, which he can utilize via jet propulsion or high-impact energy blasts.

Events in the Safe HavenEdit

Mert is called to investigate Deputy Minister Albert Willow's murder. NSF Investigator Terrence Wyatt arrives on the scene and they are forced to work together to solve the murder together as part of a PR ploy for the Haven Coalition.

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