Large 1325402 (1)
Status Alive
Age Mid to Late 20's
Gender Female
First Seen Issue One
Last Seen N/A
Relations Raoul - Lover
Ethnicity Caucasian - American
Occupation Unknown

"C'mon, give me a piece of your mind. Let's trim that bush that is your brain, huh?"
—Maureen to Raoul while trying to talk to him.

Maureen is a main character in At the RoyceKnown for her tantrums and drama sessions, Maureen has been pushed around a lot during her life. However, one day, she could end up refusing this- and snapping. Although she has a joyful personality and pretends to care about every theater resident, she has many hidden emotions that may break free one day.


Not much is known about Maureen's life before the apocalypse, except that she probably lived near the theater or was part of the audience during Kiss of the Spider Woman.


Issue One: Maureen is seen outside of Raoul's dressing room. When she decides to enter, she tries to hold a conversation with him, although Raoul keeps ignoring her.


Raoul: Edit

Maureen is thought to have romantic feelings for Raoul, as she tries to speak to him about his problems during the first issues. However, the latter keeps ignoring her.


Volume One: The Voices of Moral Authority:Edit


  • Maureen's name is based off the struggling stage performer from Rent. 

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