Status Dead
Age 20 years (Season Two)
Gender Male
First Seen Never Too Careful
Last Seen Taken By Storm
Death Allowed himself to be devoured by zombies, Shot himself in the head before reanimation.
Relations Sarah - Girlfriend
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation College Student

"What's not wrong with me? And she's with that guy Keith now, anyway. If I ever had a chance before, I'm dead meat now. I mean look at him, he has everything. He's tall, strong, good-looking with that blond hair and those blue eyes of him... And to top that, he's famous. What am I compared to him? Nothing. I'm a nobody."
—Matthew to Sarah, about Stephanie's and Keith's relationship[src]

Matthew is a character first encountered in A New Life Season Two. An easy-going, kind and easily scared jokester, Matthew acts as both the moral compass and the comic relief of his group.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Matthew is a thin and skinny guy who has a straight brown hair that ends in his shoulders, and a peach fuzz mustache. He wears glasses in his black eyes and can be often seen wearing a fedora hat and an alien shirt.

Personality Edit


Death Edit

Killed By:

  • Zombies
  • Himself (Before Reanimation)

Matthew is bitten on the ankle after being surprised alongside Sarah on a shed in the woods by the oncoming herd. He decides to stay behind and allow himself to be devoured in order to buy Sarah some time to escape.

Matthew's corpse is found by Pete, holding an empty gun and with a gunshot wound to the head.

Killed Victims Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Matthew's theme song is Dust in the Wind by Kansas, cover by John Garofalo.
  • Matthew was vaguely based on the author of A New Life, Tommy.
  • Matthew is the only character to receive some kind of injury from every antagonistic group so far. He was beaten by Duke and his scavengers after they captured him; He was also beaten by Jasper himself when the bandits attacked the Restaurant, and he was shot through the left arm by a member of Andrew's group.
  • Matthew appears to be a very weak survivor.
    • He is skinny and has a laughable strength level, getting hurt easily.
    • He wears glasses, and even though the extension of his eye handicap is not known, it can be assumed that he would be in trouble without them.
    • He has asthma, but it appears that he doesn't have attacks regularly, as it's probable that he didn't even know he had it.
    • He gets tired easily and can't run for much long.
    • Although not a physical weakness, Matthew tends to get on people's nerves quickly, often finding a way to annoy someone, either intentionally or not.
  • Matthew is the first Co-Star to be promoted to "Also Starring" to die in the series.
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