Mariah Shawn
Status Alive
Age Mid 20's
Gender Female
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Relations Gavin - Nephew

Unnamed mother

Unnamed sister

Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Model

Mariah is the main protagonist of Here Lies Love, and was first introduced in Issue 1. A simple-minded and hollow covergirl, Mariah does not have too many likeable traits, as she tends to focus on her appearance and social life. However, when the apocalypse strikes, her fairytale world changes. 


Not much is known about Mariah's life before the apocalypse, expect that she lived around Madison Square in New York and worked as a covergirl. 


To be added.



"Hey, girl, hey! How ya doin'? Remember that one guy we saw the other day? At Black Cat? Giirlfriend, he just requested me! He could get it! Alright, I have a plan. We meet tonight at the BC. I'll bring him along, and we'll... see what happens! Kiss kiss!"
—Ashley through a voicemail.

It is implied that Ashley and Mariah have a friendly relationship, to the extent of being best friends.


Volume One: Lights Out:Edit


  • Mariah was named by KatieTheAndreaFan.
  • Mariah's appearance was based off the character Amber Mariens, played by Elisa Donovan, from the 1995 comedy Clueless. 

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