Marcos Andrade
Marcos Andrade
Status Alive
Age 36
Gender Male
Height 2m
6 Feet 6 Inches
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen N/A
Relations Unknown
Ethnicity African-Brazilian
Occupation Night Club Bouncer

"Thank you for your preference, have a great party."
—Marcos welcoming the people on the party[src]

Marcos Andrade, sometimes nicknamed Marquinhos (Little Marcos) is a main character and one of the POV characters in Uma Nova Vida. He's been on his own for pretty much forever all he cares about is taking that sweet beer at the end of the day with his friends, the only time one can see him "ease up".

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Marcos is a tall, strong and intimidating-looking black man. He has very short black hair, dark brown eyes and a thick beard.

Personality Edit

Marcos is a serious person with a no-nonsense attitude. He is a quiet person, only speaking when necessary, and although he has much patience, it isn't pretty when he finally lashes out at someone who's been bugging him. Deep down inside his shell though, there is a person who enjoys joking around, playing with his friends and having a nice drink. He also shows a strong disliking for the new generation's music and fashion.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Marcos has killed:

  • Davi Dias (Zombified)
  • His boss (Zombified)
  • A few zombies

Appearances Edit

Volume 1 Edit

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