Status Alive
Age Mid 40's
Gender Female
Ethnicity Argentinan
Occupation Unemployed

Lucinda is an upcoming character in Rot and Rise. After hitting the roof as the beloved leader of a girl power band, Lucinda became a compulsive liar, edging at the point of becoming a kleptomaniac. She had a deep obsession with returning to her band and re-living the glory days, which would bring her wealth and fame again. She is characterized by being very sweet and sometimes selfish, almost becoming unnerving.


Lucinda was the leader of a beloved band, The Spicettes. The adoration from the fans and her beautiful singing voice made her very spoiled and dramatic. After a dreaded break-up, everyone in the band parted ways and lived their own lives. However, Lucinda could not stand this, and started secluding herself from the world. 


To be added. 


  • Lucinda's appearance and desire for attention was inspired by the character Carminha from the brazilian soap opera Avenida Brasil.
  • Lucinda's theme is Super Trouper by ABBA. It is revealed that ABBA is also her favorite band, which leads her to relieve her stress by listening to their songs.
    • ABBA is also the author's favorite band.

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