Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 1m 72cm
5 Feet 6 Inches
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen N/A
Relations Clara de Souza - Girlfriend
Ethnicity Caucasian-Brazilian
Occupation College Student (Formely)
Drug Dealer

"I'm making some real money with this stuff, Clara. I don't want to put it all at risk because I got addicted to crack or some shit like that. That was how all the big guys fell. They stopped just selling and started using it. I'm not stupid."
—Lucas to Clara about the drugs he sells[src]

Lucas Rodrigues, is a main character and one of the POV characters in Uma Nova Vida. The definition of "success" on an early age, Lucas was always on the spotlight. His lifestyle led him to drop college and make a small fortune as a drug dealer on rave parties.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Lucas is a fit young adult, having some but not many muscles. He has short brown hair and conserves a stubble.

Personality Edit

Lucas is a laid-back and careless individual that knows when it is time to get serious. He has a sick sense of humor, enjoying dark jokes and taking joy on people's misfortunes. He can be friendly and charming when he wants to, but he doesn't take critics and insults very lightly.

Appearances Edit

Volume 1 Edit

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