Status Unknown
Age Mid 20s
Gender Female
First Seen Still Human
Last Seen N/A
Relations Kyle - Boyfriend
Ethnicity English
Occupation Unknown (Pre-Apocalypse)

It's nothing special. Trust me.

- Lois talking about how she met Kyle

Lois is a character in Rot. She first appears in Season 1 Episode 8. She is a member of the hotel group and is the girlfriend of Kyle.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Lois is a very tidy woman who always tries to present herself in the best way she can. She has brown-blonde hair and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Lois is a very nice woman who always has a smile on her face. She like people to be happy and when someone is sad she is also sad.

Pre Apocalypse Edit

Lois and Kyle met in school but they didn't like each other. They later met up and were attracted to each other. Nothing else is known.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous Zombies

Trivia Edit

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