Status Dead
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 1m 70cm
5 Feet 6 Inches
First Seen Issue 2
Last Seen Issue 2
Death Devoured by zombies
Relations Unknown
Ethnicity Hispanic-Brazilian
Occupation Assumed High School or College Student

Lilian is a character in Uma Nova Vida. A member of Lucas' group of friends, Lilian is an arrogant girl who sees herself and her group of friends as the rulers of the world.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Lilian is a skinny woman of Hispanic descent. She has long, straight black hair, usually kept on a ponytail and green eyes.

Personality Edit


Death Edit

Killed By:

  • Zombies

While trying to flee the party, Lilian grabs Lucas' arm trying to ask him for help. She is, however, grabbed and devoured by zombies.

Appearances Edit

Volume 1 Edit

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