Episode 1

rick and Shane are waiting for orders from they’re police captain. “lori and i are having problems, she argues with me a lot” rick says “shit i’m so sorry” shane says, The police radio gose off. “there are a shootout, go to the highway” the officer says. “OK” they drive to stop the shooters. rick and shane and the other officers and the shooter get in fight and rick is shot *cue theme music*

“for carl” rick say before shooting shane. “NOOOO”

later rick wakes up in the hospital. he checks his stab wound and gets up and looks around. “hello?” rick says. someone walks out of the corner.

“Hello. I am Sergeant Abraham Ford. You are in Washington DC.”

“fuck this fucking shit all i fuckin want is my fucking shit family FUCK” Rick says and shoots into the air with his Colt Python.

“okay you fucking autist” abro says. he leaves the hospital forever and is never seen again. “where’s carl and lori” rick asks “i don’t know” abroham says “ok i’m going to get the police and find them”

rick walks into the room and sees door then theres blood “oh shit” rick said, he thinks its water and drinks the blood

“i am legend”

rick spits out the blood and looks out the window and sees a bunch of walkers “what the fuck are those” rick says “walker, rick said

rick leaves the hospital and goes to his house

“carl lori” rick says and carl and lori comes out of the closet. “carl i think were safe we need to leave now” rick and carl and lori leave the house “but wait what about shane, he helped us get out of atlanta we need to find him, by the way I’m lori” lori says “OK” rick says

they go to find the atlanta camp, suddenly rick was swarmed by zombies and his horse was eaten, carl and lori leave “NOOOOOOOOOOO” rick shouts. He tries to chase after them but can’t anymore. rick hides in a tank and waits. suddenly his radio turns on “hey you should come with us we have a camp and can help you, I’m glenn Rhee were are you from” glenn says “I’m rick grimes from atlanta and Kings Countee” rick says glenn shoots a bunch of the zombies “come with me if you want to live” glenn says. they shoot a bunch of walkers and they escaped through the rooftop.

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