Kurt Harrison



Status Dead
Age 23 years (Season 1)
Gender Male
First Seen Together We Survive
Last Seen In The Eye Of The Storm (Alive)
No Going Back (Corpse)
Apartment 3C (Dream)
Relations Nicholas Harrison - Father (Deceased)
Laura Harrison - Mother (Deceased)
Jerry Harrison - Uncle (Deceased)
Nate Harrison - Brother
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Unknown

"You're taking care of my brother, man. You're making sure people we care about are safe and well. We know that some time they'll be joining us too, but knowing they're well, and living as happy as they can under the circumstances... That's great."
—Kurt's spirit talking to Pete in a dream.[src]

Kurt Harrison is a main character and the tritagonist of A New Life. He is the older brother of Nate. Kurt haves a lot of emotional badge, most of it from his father’s death. Family is all that matters to Kurt, that’s why he is so protective from his brother.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Kurt is a fit, but not built man. He has short black hair that is most of the time covered by his green military cap, which was given by his father as his last memento. He also has light brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Likable, friendly and caring, but hot-headed, Kurt is not one guy you would like to provoke. His family's death hardened him and made him very protective of his brother Nate. He will do anything possible to keep him safe, and he will never forget his father’s last words: “Protect your brother. Make me proud of you, boy”.

Death Edit

Killed By:

While trying to escape the bandit's base, Nate gets grabbed by a zombie and gets left behind. Kurt goes back for his brother and kills the zombie, saving Nate, but is shot through the neck with a sniper rifle by Jasper. He is then shot in the face by Matthew to prevent reanimation.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Kurt has killed:

Relationships Edit

Nate Harrison

Nate is the only family Kurt has left, and as such, means the world to him. Every single decision Kurt makes is thinking on the safety and future of his brother. They both love each other very deeply and Kurt would do anything to protect his younger brother.

Nicholas Harrison

Kurt and his father had a difficult relationship. Kurt's behavior before the outbreak was the one of the typical rebellious young adult, and his father disapproved his intense swearing and overall rudeness. However, the two still loved each other very much, as seen when Nicholas dies in front of his broken son, asking him to "make him proud".

Laura Harrison

Kurt and Laura seem to have a good mother-son relationship.

Jerry Harrison

It's stated that Jerry was Kurt's favorite uncle, and it's implied that Kurt looked up more to him than to his own father. His good relationship with his uncle was frowned upon by the rest of the family, who saw Jerry (who was an alcoholic) as a bad company to Kurt.

Peter Daniels Mitchell

Kurt first met Peter in a supply run to Atlanta, saving his life in the process. They quickly became good friends and would often be seen together. Kurt didn't even hesitate in helping Peter find his missing girlfriend.

Angela Williams

It can be assumed Kurt and Angela had a good friendship, seeing how both were the closest people to Peter before Kurt's death. Kurt didn't even hesitate in helping Peter look for her when she was missing and expressed relief and happiness when they finally found her.

Barry Stevens

Kurt's and Barry's similar exploding and hot-headed behavior would often lead to fights between the two. However, they have a stable relationship. Kurt, while not admitting, respects Barry as a leader and Barry, while not admitting either, sees Kurt as a valuable ally and perhaps even a friend.

Leon Carter

Leon and Kurt are at least on good terms with each other. They were in a supply run together when they first met Peter, proving they at least trust each other. They also have very similar personalities, which could hint at a possible friendship.


Kurt and Sarah seem to have a good friendship. When Craig tried to rape Sarah, she called for him and Barry, and Kurt could be seen checking if she was alright. Sarah once tried to force herself into a relationship with Kurt, but he turned her down, revealing to be a homosexual. Ever since, they could be seen together. Kurt tried to calm her down during Jasper's attack to the Restaurant, in which he grabbed Sarah and threatened to handle her for his men.


Kurt and Anthony weren't seen interacting with each other, but it's safe to assume they are on good terms with each other.

Craig Tucker

Kurt and Craig appear to dislike each other, while not being seen interacting much. When Craig attacked Sarah, Kurt was one of the first to arrive for help. Kurt didn't show any emotion when Barry brutally beat and then shot Craig in the face. However, he did take Craig along with him on a supply run some days before, but this could simply be that Craig was the only one who'd know which mechanic tools to get back from the city.


Kurt and Jim weren't seen interacting much, but Kurt never trusted the man. When fleeing the bandits base, Jim and Kurt had two brief conflicts. The first was right after Francis got grabbed and devoured, when Jim was rude to the boy, and the second was when Nate himself got grabbed, Jim tried to convince Kurt to leave his brother, this resulting in Kurt punching Jim on the face.


Kurt and Tyrone were almost always hostile against each other. Neither man trusted the other at first, and this eventually led to a fist fight after the group was captured by the bandits, that ended with both Kurt and Leon being beaten up. They were then locked down together at the base, where they let their past actions aside and tried to work together on a way to escape the base. Tyrone was enraged when he learned that Jim did nothing to prevent Kurt's death or save Nate and Matthew.


Kurt and Matthew seemed to be on good terms with each other. Kurt would often poke fun of Matthew's poor strength and survival skills, as seen when cleaning up the back fences from zombies at the Restaurant. After Kurt's death, Matthew shot him on the face, not wanting to see him turn.


Kurt and Jessie weren't seen interacting, but she was one of the few people Kurt trusted immediately after meeting, along with Matthew and Peter.


Kurt was always hostile towards Jasper, from the beginning. When Jasper asked to speak with the Restaurant survivors, right after firing a wave of shots at them, Kurt told him to "go to hell" and called him a "motherfucker". When Kurt and Tyrone tried to escape, Jasper threatened to beat up Nate, a complete innocent on the matter, to hit Kurt where it would hurt the most. Kurt stood up to his brother and took the beating instead. Jasper also called Kurt a "little shit" after killing him.

Duncan Green

While not seen interacting much, when Kurt told Jasper to go to hell, Duncan immediately replied to it by asking to have Kurt for himself, remarking that he "looks like an asshole".

Trivia Edit

  • Kurt's theme is The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie, cover by Midge Ure (I wanted the Nirvana cover, goddammit you're tearing me apart Wikia).
  • Kurt's main firearm is a Glock 17 that belonged to his father before his death. He also frequently uses a hatchet as a melee weapon.
  • Kurt is the first homosexual character in the story.
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