Klee Lufer
Klee Lufer
Gender Sexy lady
Hair Blonde
Age hot
Occupation idk
Family Grandbro - Bro
Grandbro - fuckbuddy
Lufer Ex-Husband
First Appearance Episode Juan
Last Appearance Episode Fife
Cause of Death killed by Lee-an
Status Dead
Ethnicity white
dis was my old frend Devon Brandt i wonder what happened to him, I don't know... DO YOU???
— Klee wondering what happened to her old friend Devon Brandt

Klee Lufer is a main character in CamTheWoot's award winning series: Lufer.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Lufer's wife


Andrea fan


  • Klee's theme tune is the theme tune from Casino Royale. I didn't know what to do LEAVE ME ALONE!

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