JUANA FaceYourManga
Status Dead
Age Early to mid 30's
Gender Female
Ethnicity Hispanic - American
Occupation Unknown

Dios, bendícelo, pero por favor, no lo reproduzcas...

Juana is a minor character in Rot and Rise. She is a part of Rob's group, and the fourth survivor Alice encounters. She is a caring and responsible woman, but has a darker side to her sweet personality. She was an abused child growing up, and now has serious trouble with trusting other strangers. Because of that, she disproves of Rob and her staying with Alice and Glen. 


Nothing is known about Juana's life prior to the apocalypse, except she mentions she was often abused by her alcoholic father. 


Juana had been living with Rob for some time, and kept travelling with him for two weeks in the search of safety. She kept walking around by the city with him, until they found the high school where Glen and Alice were staying. The got into the classroom and told the two survivors their story.

At night, she comes along with Rob, trying to steal Mr. Damon's clothes and supplies so they can make a camp nearby. They drag the man off his desk in his slumber and pile him outside. When Alice notices them, they push him next to a set of lockers. They discuss a few things with Alice, when they get back to torturing the teacher. They end up killing him an throwing his mauled corpse outside, feeding him to the dead. Juana and Rob get back to the classroom, where Alice is standing, staring at them. She then slaps her boyfriend and attacks him. When she fights him off, Juana smacks her in the back of the neck and pushes her to the floor. She places her foot on her throat, threatening to kill her painfully. Rob hears gunshot outside, and attempts to grab all the supplies he can. Juana starts to panic, and freezes to the ground. Suddenly, a man comes up behind her and shoots her in the back of the head, killing her instantly.


Killed ByEdit

  • Delmont

When she threatens to stomp on Alice's throat, Rob hears gunshot nearby and proceeds to take all the supplies he can. Juana panics and stays still. Suddenly, a strong, tall man comes up behind her and shoots her dead. 

Killed VictimsEdit


Volume One: A Whole New World: 


  • Juana wasn't planned to be in the story, and Rob was supposed to be wandering alone. Juan then thought it would be interesting to find him company, so she was created.

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