Josephine Bastianich
Book one josephine bastianich
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 49
Occupation Scientist at Electricon Company
First Appearance Chapter 1
Status Alive
Series lifespan Chapter 1 - present
Ethnicity French

Josephine Bastianich is one of the main characters on Phases Series by Bernadus Andrew. She is cold hearted, smart, and violent. She wont let anyone tells her what to do, always believe in herself, right or wrong, she always think her choice is the best of the others. Her traits make her difficult to be liked.

She is one of the scientists who made, 'the MILI Potions'.



  • Her last name was inspired from Joe Bastianich, one of the judges on Masterchef US.
  • She was supposed to be a Hispanic girl, and her name was Santiago Morella. Her Hispanic version was inspired by Michelle Rodriguez. But i decided to change it because it felt so cliche to have a Hispanic woman as a "strong" and "violent" character. Therefore i changed her ethnicity and her name.

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