Ivor Pike
Ivor pike
Status Alive
Age Late 60s
Gender Male
First Seen After
Last Seen N/A
Relations N/A
Ethnicity English
Occupation Gardener (Pre-Apocalypse)

"Nice to meet you kid, name's Ivor Pike"

- Ivor's introduction to Dennis

Ivor Pike is a main character in Rot. He first appears in Season 1 Episode 3. He is a member of Ross's group.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Ivor is a very skinny man but it of average height for an adult male. He has very blue eyes and very short grey hair. Ivor is also well dressed.

Personality Edit

Ivor is very friendly but can be strict towards people that disobey him. He likes to help out in anyway he can but he is also very lazy.

Pre Apocalypse Edit

Before the apocalypse Ivor worked as a gardener in a rich are of his hometown. Not much else is know by this time.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous Zombies

Trivia Edit

  • Ivor is partly based off of one of AdamTheMop's grandads

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