Huge Goon
Huge Goon
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 2m 13cm
7 Feet
First Seen Issue 4
Last Seen N/A
Relations Mid to Late 30's
Ethnicity Caucasian-Brazilian
Occupation Guard

"Get lost loser, if you don't want a hole in your head. If you try anything OR press that damn button again, that guy up there won't be responsible for his trigger finger."
—The man to Lucas.[src]

The Huge Goon is a character in Uma Nova Vida. He is one of the many people working under Chacal.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

As his name implies, the Huge Goon is really tall and ripped. He is bald and sports a black goatee, and has blue eyes.

Personality Edit

This man is short-tempered and hot-headed. He is really serious and can lose his patience really fast when annoyed. He respects Chacal greatly, possibly out of fear, being probably the only person he fears.

Appearances Edit

Volume 1 Edit

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