The man dissappeared into the fog, still holding his bleeding arm. He grunted and sighed a few times, creating the only human sounds around the desolated area. After a few seconds, there was no trace of him.

-"Albert? Albert? Can you hear me?" asked Mariah, sticking her head out the window. 

There was no response. The whole street was quiet once again, replicating the dead static in the radio. "Albert? You okay?" she asked once again, looking both ways through the window. As she saw her right side, she noticed a suprisingly thin figure approach her. It shabled down the street, making deep vocal sounds.

-"Hello? Can you hear me?" asked Mariah. 

The figure didn't respond. It simply kept walking towards the car, ignoring Mariah's calls. "Sir, please tell me your name" she asked once again, reaching for the car's handle and pulling it, opening the door. She walked out the car and extended her arms, waving for the figure.

-"Can't you hear me? Say something!" she waved, opening her eyes wide. "Hello?"

The figure kept walking slowly towards Mariah, still emanating sounds and grunts. Its bones seemed to crack with every step, and as the light touched its skin, it was possible to see signs of rotting. The figure squirmed for a bit, but then kept walking.

-"Holy shit, dude, clean those pores! Do you live in like a pizza box or something?" 

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