Haven is formerly the nation of Greenland and a country of survivors in The Safe Haven.


The country of Greenland itself was relatively protected from the events of World War III, but when the bombs fell a great percentage of the population was wiped out, just as anywhere else.

Eventually, people came to settle here, where the effects of WWIII were not as pronounced. Irrigation lead to farming, which lead to community. City-states emerged, gradually grouping together to form a coalition that would try and retake the land. Law was formed (taking the shape of the National Security Force) and order was restored, at least in the populated regions.

Throughout the years, the country has received a great number of immigrants from around the world, with a large percentage of European and Asian refugees trekking to make a new life.

As of 400 BF (Bombfall, a.k.a. 400 years after the end of World War III), Haven is the pinnacle of human community.


The country itself is broken into prefectures:

  • Chelsea (Central Haven) - the capital and center of Haven. Base of NSF operations.
  • Orta (North Haven) - the most liberal of the prefectures. Home to Isabelle, among other law firms.
  • Solomon (Northeast Haven) - coming soon
  • East Haven - coming soon
  • (Southeast Haven) - untamed.
  • Greymoor (South Haven) - a fiercely independent region, only recently inducted into the Coalition.
  • Yorkshire (Southwest Haven) - home to Hydralife Corporation and the primary location of inter-country trade. Generally considered the most financially prosperous region.
  • West Haven - coming soon
  • Northwest Haven - coming soon

No Man's LandEdit

Any region falling outside of coalition rule is considered no man's land, where anything goes and the populace is forced to protect itself from external threats.

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