Gender Male
Hair Fedora
Age Mid to late 40's
Occupation COLLEGE student
Family DOG - dog
Caulksman - Brother
First Appearance Issue four
Status Alive
Ethnicity German (Alleged race)
Beaner (Actual race)
yeah and wat a gr8t job ya do sherif
— Tommy being mean to Toastwolf :(

Grendieboy is a m9 in The Dank Among Us.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Swaggy fedora kid. Turns into a skeleton when angered or spooked

Killed VictimsEdit



  • Pig if you're reading this I think you should know your blogs suck and you're a huge faggot.
  • I
  • Hate
  • Pig
  • So
  • Much
  • Right
  • Now
  • M8
  • Oh fuck I just shit myself
    • nevermind
  • waa

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