Status Alive
Age Mid 20's
Gender Female
First Seen Chapter Two
Ethnicity Gillikinian
Occupation Secretary

"Away with the fairies? I'm the one who is actually trying to find the Wizard. I've been looking everywhere. I've sen patrols out. I've done everything in my power."
—Galinda to Absolom about her failed attempts to find the Wizard.

Galinda, also known as Glinda the Good Witch, is a main character in Wicked Deed. As the secretary for the Wizard, she uses her smooth voice and her cute look to make the citizens of Oz believe everything in the Palace is alright. However, she internally struggles, as her sense of organization and clear distributions of power is diminished by the flaming period of anarchy the Emerald City has fallen onto.

Before Wicked DeedEdit

Galinda could not have had a happier upbringing in the Upper Uplands of Oz. She was the ideal of a perfect girlhood: perfectly dressed and poised, to which everyone else aspired. At Shiz University, rooming with the artichoke-colored and bad-tempered Elphaba challenged Galinda's good will. However, the two slowly became friends. Afterwards, the two parted ways as Galinda began working with the Wizard.


  • Before Chapter One: Galinda enters Shiz University and becomes friends with Elphaba after a party.
  • Before Chapter One: Galinda leaves Shiz to go to the Emerald City and gets a job as the Wizard's secretary.
  • Before Chapter One: The Emerald City falls into anarchy, the Wizard departs. Galinda is left to her own device, dealing with Absolom every day.
  • Chapter Two: Galinda discusses her quest to find the Wizard with Absolom.


  • Chapter Two



Galinda is known to have a rough relationship with Absolom, often fighting with him. They are also known to debate about their assigned powers often, as the counselor believes she only has her job because of her looks.


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