Status Dead
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 1m 63cm
5 Feet 4 Inches
First Seen Issue 1
Last Seen N/A
Death Neck bit open by a zombie, bled to death
Relations Unknown
Ethnicity African-Brazilian
Occupation Assumed High School Student

"Damn girl if you didn't want the G all you had to do was say 'No', y'know what I'm saying? Damn man, that was cruel yo. Didn't have to go-"
—Gabriel after being rejected by Lilian[src]

Gabriel is a character in Uma Nova Vida. A positive, happy and somewhat cocky person with a heart of gold. His lack of courage doesn't stop him from standing for his friends no matter what.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Gabriel is a rather bizarre short and skinny black teen. Always trying to look "fresh", Gabriel sports a weird pink haircut and gigantic sunglasses, even at night. He is also often seen wearing very expensive clothes that not always match.

Personality Edit

Gabriel, like many people from the favelas at his age, is easy to satisfy and even though his life is hard, he is happy with it and doesn't complain. He is really positive and even cocky sometimes, and cares little about what others think about him. He is easily scared, but his lack of courage doesn't affect his strong relationship with his friends.

Death Edit

Killed By:

  • Zombies

During the party, Gabriel gets rejected by a girl and starts backing away from her. He ends up colliding with a zombie (which was thought to be a normal person at the time), who quickly attacks him and bites his neck open. He is later found by Marcos, slowly bleeding to death while the zombie continues to eat his body.

Appearances Edit

Volume 1 Edit

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