Green = Alive

Red = Undead

Blue = Unknown

Grey = Undead

Purple = Upcoming Character

Note: All the season 2 counterparts of hte characters don't look different at all,the only diffrence are clothing,scars,bandages or a new beard/longer hair.

Note: Alive characters my die in an upcoming season but are listed as alive for now.

Note: Most of the main characters have the special red/dark red background but some don't like season 2 Eric(as he became a main character when Becca died),however none of the supporting characters have the background because i will design a unique background for main,supporting,reccuring and minor characters.

Note: There are no reccuring or minor characters at the moment.

Watterson Familly and Freinds Edit

Costwolds Familly Edit

Bank Survivors Edit

Patricks Group Edit

Camping Site Group Edit

Police Department Edit

Micelanious Survivors Edit

  • Pete(Upcoming Character)
  • Couy(Upcoming Character)

Night Shop Survivors Edit

Louis' Familly Edit

School Survivors Edit

Federico's Gang Edit

Bandits Edit

Scavengers Edit

Unnamed or Unseen Characters Edit

Animals Edit

  • Rex(Upcoming Character)

Zombies Edit

  • Duanes Zombie(Dead)

click here for a list with all zombies.

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