dede was hapy becaus they caught pigpen

foks was studing the place. "this place is intresting" he said.

sudenly a blak woman ran up to dem.

"halp thers a guy thats trying to atak us :0" said the blak woman

"hoo" sed dede

"his naem is tomie" sed the blak woman. "im jaqui btw"

"ok wel send him  2 jale" se dfoks

"thank" sed jacqui

dede & foks ran 2 plaza were a guy that lok like neymar n megamans genetic experiment gone wrong wos reding bok.

"ur iluminaty" sed foks

"wot" sed the guy

"ima sho u" sed dede

the popozao is iluminerty theory

popozao has seven words (keep dis in mind)

popozao liv in brazil

brazil hav sex words

7 + 6 = 13

the midle of 13 is 1 and 3



1 + 3 = 4

abba has four members (abba again lololo)

their names r ani fred, agnitha, bjurn n beni

they al hav last nams

dat means abba has four members wit four lsat names

4 + 4 = 8

abba relesd 8 importunt records

records has 7 words

importunt 9 words

7 + 9 = 16

i fink tomy is 16 idfk

debby ryans first movie was made when she wos 16

she sux 

sux has 3 words

triangls hav 3 words



"k we got de proff" sed dede

"nu pls im 2 funni 2 go to jale" sed the guy

"wel boohoo princes" sed foks puting handcofs on tomy

"spooky scary skelntuns :(" said tomy b4 going 2 jale with pigpun

"thanks 4 catchi him" sed blak woman

"np" sed dede making out wit her

"ima record dis" sed foks

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