foks sat in desk. dede wos siting next 2 him. "hey dede thers this cool place online we can visit cald ffl ficton library wikie"

"ok foks" sed dede

"lets go" said foks

"ok lets go investig8"

wen they arived there was a rumbl. ther was a large blak man with a dirti sanchez (google it) that was dancing to its not unsual to b black by jom tones.. "helo" said dede showing her fbi badge. "im dede scury an this is foks"

"howdy" sed the blak man. "gud ridance that ur here. im very scard becuas thers this gui here cald pigpen077 n hes scarin me because he sayis m8 a lot"

"ok!!!!!" sed foks

"lets investig8" sed dede

"ok thanks u gius means alot 2 me" sed the blak man who was caled brent and was stil dancin.

the pigpun story

pigpen is user at ffl wikie


they have pens up their ass lol

pig has three leters

pen has sex leters

3 + 3 = 6 (keep dis in mind)

pigs live in pens

pens can have pigs in them like this one

thats an invers reletionshep

invers has 6 words

we have two sixs

sixs has four words

abba has four words (lol juan squezes abba into anythang) 

dis abba

abba has four members (ani fred, beni, bjurn n agnitha)

beni n bjorn r men

ani fred n agnitha r women

thats 2 grups of 2

2 + 2 = 4

4 is sed like four

four has four words (spoky)

humans have four lembs

lembs has as many words as the word lamb

silence of the lambsz is movie

by hanibla lecter

hanibla lectur is canible


"we craked the code" sed foks

"yeah lets go send him 2 jale" sed dede

"o thansk i cundt have done it without u" sed brent stil dancnig

"hey r u pigpun" sed foks aprochin a fat tenage that lok like pig

"ya m8" sed the teenage

"ur goin 2 jale for canibailism" sed dede

"fok m8" sed the tenage stompng the flor and making hole in florr

"we ded it dede" sed foks

"ok" sed dede

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