dede tok the sweat of her forhed. she wos tird. foks turnd arund n talkd 2 her.

"u ok" sed foks

"yea" sed dede. "im just tird"

"i dont like dis place" sed foks. "im scard"

"ok" sed dede. "wel get out"

"ok dat wos gud developmint we cn git on wif da case nao"

a wolf aprochd dem, scard. "halp" he sed "thers trubble in the town :0"

"ok wel go invistig8" sed dede geting her flashlite

"w8 dede" sed foks

"damet foks -_-" se ddede. "wot nao"

"we hav 2 fin out wot hapend" sed foks. "tel us wolf"

"thers a guy in the town cald camthewot n hes britis n hes scary :000" sed wolf. "i tryd 2 kil him wif mi razor but 2 no avail"

"is ok" sed foks. "wel get de fukr"

"awwwww yisssssssss B)" sed wolf

"wot" sed dede

"dis 1 is easi" sed foks

the camwot 666 theori

camthewot has 3 segments (cam-te-wut)

ech segment has 3 words

cam + the + wot + three words + 3 words + tres words = 6.6.6

mama mia wos relesd in april 6 1999 

dat has nuthin 2 do wit plot, just wanted 2 point et out

CAMWOT = 666?????

"cool we did it" sed dede

"y r u spelin lyk dat" sed wolf "fukin losr"

"sory" sed dede. "i noe ets kewl 2 spel lyk dissss B)"

"ok" sed foks. "wers camwot"

"ther" sed wolf pointng @ chair in town

"o" sed dede. "ey camwot"

"wot m8" sed camtewut a sexi britis gui

"ur unda arest" sed foks

"undr mi ded body" sed a gurl siting in camwot's lap. "im kati, cams hoe"

"ok" sed dede shoting kati in head

"fuk" sed camwot. "u guis got me *sitcom musik¨*"

"ok" sed foks puting handcofs on camwot. "ur goin 2 jale"

"y" sed camwot. "u guise kild katie ;("

"yea cus wer badas B)" sed dede

"o" sed camwot. "i git et"

foks throw camwot into jale wit pigpun n popozo

"gr8 m8" sed wolf. "fankz 4 standn up 4 me"

"np" sed dede

"lets solv som crims" sed foks

"ok yea" sed dede

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