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FFL World Cup

FFL World Cup is written by Dom Rodgers  and Cool Kid fuck you Dom calling me brown kid about FFL competing for the World Cup and better yet, their lives. Bloxxasourus is a guest writer in a few issues.


Group AEdit

  • USA (Dom)
  • Mexico (One)
  • Iraq (GhostWolf)
  • China (Naruto)

Group BEdit

  • Brazil (Tommy)
  • England (Cam)
  • Scottland (Lee Dixon)
  • Wales (Katie)

Group CEdit

  • Germany (TheSamBuckley)
  • Niger (Derk)
  • Ghana (Caulk)
  • Phillipines (BernieBoi)

Group 3=DEdit

  • Canada (KING HIPPO)
  • Australia (Grandbro)
  • Norway (RazorWolfz)
  • Ireland (Cuntasourus)



  • This is a good story. 
  • Shells whistle is actually Chandler Rigg's dick.
  • Riwee is the ball because y not

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